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So good, Caliber Home Loans asked to turn it off - Allie Lord

Homebot is a true plug-and-play tool that drastically increased loan generation for Caliber Home Loans.

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So Good, Caliber Home Loans Officers Asked to Turn it Off

Engaging with past clients and automating client retention is one of the most effective ways to generate new business and close more deals. For Allie Lord, Branch Manager at Caliber Home Loans, that principle is core to her business. “I’m a firm believer that every business funnel needs to have four pillars of business. One of the biggest pillars of business is your past clients. If you use Homebot, it’s a true plug-and-play. Turn it on, let it go, and it does the work for you. It’s a must-have." 

By educating and empowering past clients with personalized home finance information, Allie was able to create meaningful interactions between Caliber Home Loans' Loan Officers and their past clients. And the results were practically immediate.

How did Homebot help Caliber Home Loans connect with past clients?

Basically, Homebot makes you look good, and this was true for Caliber Home Loans. After implementing Homebot, Caliber’s loan officers were getting inquiries from past clients and qualified leads every day.

Here's how:

Personalized emails from Homebot positioned Caliber as friendly experts who were ready to answer subscriber inquiries, solve their problems, and help them manage their largest asset. In addition, Homebot’s messages primed clients to contact Caliber loan officers, significantly increasing the company’s business volume. 

The volume of leads was so high right after implementation, loan officers asked Allie to turn off Homebot because they simply couldn’t keep up.

After some tweaking, Caliber designed streamlined, scalable systems that have enabled them to take full advantage of the increase in business generated from Homebot. 

On average, how many transactions does Homebot generate per month for Caliber Home Loans?

Caliber Home Loans Kirkland branch has 40 home loan officers who get inquiries through Homebot every single day. On average, Homebot generates an average of 100 new loans per month for Allie and her team. 

Why Homebot is a must-have for your business 

Homebot is a truly hands-off tool that improves client relations, builds trust and authority, and generates a high volume of business for loan officers. It acts as an entire marketing department (sans the price of one), working 24/7 to drum up more business and revenue for your company. 

Are you ready for more clients than your loan officers can handle? That’s a problem you want to have. Send us a quick message, and we’ll schedule your 1:1 demo asap.

Homebot has shifted our relationships with past clients by making us look really good. Homebot makes us look like the experts without us having to put really any work into it.

Allie Lord

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Allie Lord

Caliber Home Loans

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.


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