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Customer Stories

How Homebot is Driving Business for Mortgage Broker David Kakish

"In this market where rates are higher and everyone is itching for a refinance, you need to stay in front of them, and Homebot is an excellent cost-effective way to do it."

David Kakish

Producing Branch Manager at C2 Financial


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David Kakish has been a mortgage broker for only a couple of years, and yet he’s already discovering success in today’s challenging market. David understands that being an effective and reliable lender requires more than just facilitating the transaction; it demands establishing genuine relationships with his borrowers, consistently bringing them value. David focuses on addressing the financial fluency problems many borrowers face. What’s particularly interesting about David’s approach is found in his passion, where he practices relatability and practical communication with his audience.

In a sea of outdated marketing outreach and ineffective tools, his education strategy cuts through the noise and truly lands with his audience. One of the most critical components in that approach is Homebot. A powerful tool that provides homeowners personalized insights into their equity, market trends, refinancing opportunities and more.

Solving for Financial Education

It’s no secret that there is a significant financial education problem and that’s particularly the case when it comes to managing equity. Many homeowners are struggling to make informed decisions and ultimately build their wealth. To make matters more difficult, the ever-changing housing market only deepens the matter, leaving many borrowers vulnerable to misleading information, not knowing who to trust.

“Education is everything because education leads to empowerment. And when you empower someone they trust you. And so that's huge for me. Everything is about trust, integrity, and being a resource to people to kind of put them on a path to build generational wealth and understand what wealth is.”

David sees this regularly, and makes it his mission to illuminate his clients, effectively becoming a financial advisor they can always depend on. The philosophy is this: when David helps homeowners achieve their financial goals, he’s forever their go-to lender when they’re ready to take action.

“I start them off on a path of education and relationship where they feel like they can trust me and then they can visualize it in the Homebot app and see their equity in action and what it would do and why that would make sense or not make sense.”

A Competitive Market

With so many voices reaching borrowers via social media, email, phone calls, and even text messages, it’s no surprise that only a handful of them make it through and actually resonate. David overcomes this and earns business by being genuine with each client, connecting with them on a personal level, and in a way that’s significantly more down-to-earth than many others in the field. In building on top of that, David sends them Homebot every month as a way to keep them informed, but also to bring them something of value on a consistent basis.

“When others are constantly poaching past clients and prospects are being constantly bombarded by other voices; Homebot’s an amazing way to be in front and to remind them how you care, and that you want to add value.”

Staying at the center of each borrower’s homeownership journey is the door to his success, and education is the key. Through Homebot, David is able to scale up his outreach, ensuring his database is managed automatically, with Homebot serving up conversations and leads at every opportunity.

Cracking the Code to Engagement

Earning the eyes and ears of customers in an increasingly digital marketplace is demanding enough, however the real magic happens when customers actively engage with what you’re sending. Statistics show that fully engaged customers bring in 37% more annual revenue than those who are indifferent to their lender, and as a result have a greater interest in other services offered by them as well.

When it comes to earning that engagement, David recognizes what Homebot brings to the table. In his short time using Homebot he’s already seen an impressive engagement rate of over 50% for each monthly Home Digest. That’s over half of his database clicking into their report, engaging with their home value, equity options, market analysis, and much more. To further drive action with those clients, David sends out custom welcome videos through Homebot’s Video Manager feature, helping them truly understand how they can reap the benefits.

“Leveraging video is huge because it allows you to connect with your borrowers and see your face, your mannerisms. They feel that you're there with them to explain. So when I saw that Homebot had a way to put a welcome message, well that was huge.”


Growing a book of business as a lender certainly has its challenges, and having the right tools goes a long way in overcoming them. David saw early on the effect Homebot has on his business, and now it’s a staple in his workflow. Empowered borrowers are making educated decisions, sticking with David for their lending needs, and mutually improving one another throughout the homeownership journey.

"We all know rates will come down, and if only 9% of people will even remember the name of their loan officer or their agent after a year when rates come down and or they come down swiftly, I wanna be the one they contact."

Don’t miss your opportunity to see the same success as David. Schedule a 1:1 demo with Homebot.

“In this market where rates are higher and everyone is itching for a refinance, you need to stay in front of them, and Homebot is an excellent cost-effective way to do it.”

David Kakish

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

David Kakish

Producing Branch Manager at C2 Financial

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.


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