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Customer Stories

How this Lender Scores High Open Rates Consistently with Homebot

Todd Gydesen of Vantage Mortgage Scores Consistent Open Rates of 70%+ with Homebot

Todd Gydesen

Vantage Mortgage


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Personalization in customer outreach is critical for opening up a dialogue and generating additional revenue. For example, emails with personalized subject lines boost open rates by an average of 29 percent. But Homebot puts this number to shame. 

For mortgage broker Todd Gydesen of Vantage Mortgage Brokers, Homebot has been averaging unheard-of open rates averaging 70 to 80 percent for current homeowners and homebuyers in the company’s pipeline.

“So 793 digests were sent to people that already own homes. Last month, 643 of them were opened for 81%, which is just a ridiculous open rate. So then we looked at the home buyers, 208% last month, and they were opened 142 times. It’s a 68% open rate for people that you're just starting your conversations with and are really getting your message through.”

The search for captivation is over

With Homebot, your search for reliable customer captivation is over. Just ask Todd:

“There's always going to be a search for something that captivates the people that you're sending it to. That's where Homebot comes in for us. It's always being opened. It's always being looked at, and there are multiple ways to use it.”

What is there to look at in these digests that keep people opening and clicking? Actionable insights into how they can leverage their equity, more effectively manage their mortgage, and so much more.

How the Homebot digest keeps lenders top of mind

‍While sending personalized messages to clients can captivate and spark interest, it’s not always enough to keep them engaged. You need data for big-picture context into how a campaign performs at all touchpoints. ‍

In this regard, Homebot is a scalable, one-two-punch tool. It gives lenders crucial data about precisely what their clients are most interested in. ‍

“We get reports from Homebot telling us, you know, these people opened it, they looked at it this many times, they've done this, they've done that. And that really provides the value that we're looking for, just to kind of keep a conversation going.” 

Additionally, homeowners and buyers get access to the valuations and amortization they need that will help them turn their homes into wealth-building assets. Homebot’s digest gives subscribers insight into payoff, leverage, equity use strategies, and more tips and tactics they can use to reach their financial goals. 

“They're showing payoff strategies. They're showing equity, and use strategies. They're showing leverage strategies. They're showing all sorts of things in Homebot in that monthly digest that just captivates people."

In addition, Homebot helps give lenders a reason to reach out. 

“Think about how awkward it is to call somebody that you've done business with in the past and haven't spoken to in a couple of years with nothing to call about. Homebot's a reason to call.”

If you’re going to do one thing, Homebot is that one thing

Homebot gives originators a major competitive advantage in the mortgage space. It turns their agency into not just a business for buying and selling homes but a place where homeowners can get personalized, detailed, must-have information for building wealth.

“We're here to provide value. We're here to provide market intel and market information. We're here to be your trusted advisor. Those are the messages we're trying to get at. What we're doing is trying to be their trusted mortgage advisor, trying to provide information, trying to be a resource to them.

It also opens up doors for deepening Real Estate agent partnerships. Homebot creates a safe place for clients to have easy access to both of their trusted advisors.

“It gives us an opportunity to reach out to their realtor, our referral partner, our business partner, their realtor, and say, “Hey, Bob and Sue are wanting to know the value of their home.” It could just be cursory and they're just interested in looking at it. Or it could be that they're trying to prepare for something.

Sharpen your competitive edge with Homebot. Get started today

Schedule a 1:1 demo with our team today to see the platform in action and learn how Homebot can help you foster deeper relationships with your client database.

‍“If you're just gonna do one thing, right, I think Homebot's the one thing, because it provides value, it gets opened, creates the top of mind awareness, gives a platform for communication. There's just all the things that you are trying to do that are contained within it, and so that's why I'm such a big fan.”

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Todd Gydesen

Vantage Mortgage

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.


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