April 2, 2024

Homebot Q1 Product Update

Welcome to the Homebot Quarterly Product Update!

At Homebot, we're dedicated to keeping you informed and empowered, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our quarterly product update. Here, we'll highlight the latest developments, enhancements, and  features across the Homebot platform (and maybe tease some exciting stuff we have in the works for the next quarter 😉 ).

Our Q1 Focus: Enhancing the End User Experience

This quarter we've prioritized shipping features that enhance the experiences your clients have through Homebot, because we recognize that, in today's market, delivering differentiated value is more crucial than ever. We fundamentally believe that by delivering better experiences to your clients, we put you, as their trusted professional advisor, in more and better positions to serve them.

What we shipped

Customizable Loan Application Links

We're excited to introduce customizable loan application links, empowering Loan Officers to provide personalized loan information tailored to their business needs. With an impressive 44% click-through rate, this feature has proven to be a simple yet powerful tool for driving loan application traffic directly through the Homebot digest.

Want to add a custom link for your clients to see via their digest? Navigate to your profile and look for the field labeled “Loan Application URL.”

Got more questions? This help center article goes deep on all things related to custom loan applications

Improved Email Deliverability

Our commitment to industry-leading email deliverability remains steadfast. By continuously refining our email delivery systems, we ensure best-in-class deliverability rates of over 99%. Coupled with exceptional engagement metrics, such as open rates exceeding 75%, Homebot ensures that you maximize your investment by effectively reaching your audience.

More specifically, this quarter we focused on introducing features that closely monitor the health of email sends for our new customers, and automatically adjust the rate at which emails are sent, which ensures that new customers aren’t falling into spam traps. This enables new clients to receive Homebot digests as quickly as possible without compromising deliverability.

Enhanced Homebot Mobile App

Following the successful launch of the Homebot Mobile App (which you can share with your clients here), we've continued to enhance the user experience. Our mobile app now drives twice as much engagement as the web-based Digest, with weekly retention rates three times higher. This quarter, we've introduced a simpler onboarding experience for buyers, unlocking highly customized experiences and enabling users to quickly understand their purchasing power.

This improved onboarding experience reduces the number of onboarding steps required so that users can model their purchasing power without unnecessary complexity, and clarifies the co-borrower experience so that users only use that flow if it makes sense for their personal circumstance.

Accurate Home Values for All

Our commitment to providing accurate Home Value Estimates (HVEs) remains unwavering. Our latest solution ensures that even users in historically unsupported areas can access precise home values through a simple module that delivers an HVE based on the information they provide us.

As we continue to improve our proprietary blend of data that we use to calculate HVEs, more and more users will have HVEs by default, but this module will always be there to serve as a useful bridge for users that fall into areas where our data isn’t sufficient to provide a useful estimate.

Coming Soon

As we look ahead to the next quarter and beyond, we have some exciting developments on the horizon:

Partner Intelligence

We’re excited to introduce Homebot's realtor and lender data platform, designed to empower Loan Officers in making smarter agent partnerships and assisting Lending Organizations in recruiting and retaining LOs effectively.

Reimagined Admin Control Center

Get ready for a revamped admin control center, equipping Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents with the tools to take more impactful client actions based on Homebot usage insights.

Customized, Mobile-First Search Experience

We're excited to unveil a completely customized, mobile-first search experience, designed to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Want to stay on top of our latest features? Take a look at our learning center or sign up for our free live trainings!

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