March 23, 2023

March Product Release

Keeping clients engaged, managing your task lists, private mortgage insurance, acquisitions and more. See what’s new at Homebot

New to Homebot

The new task list feature is an exciting view of clients that might need more attention in Homebot. It makes it easier than ever to review, manage, and engage with clients that need it most. Plus, when you leverage this effectively, you’ll be quick to seed those opportunities.

Private Mortgage Insurance Module

According to Freddie Mac, each month, borrowers generally pay between $30 and $70 in PMI for every $100,000 of loan principal. And many homeowners are unaware that they can save hundreds of dollars each month by removing their PMI. By educating homeowners about their PMI options, you’re providing one more piece of education on their home finance that further establishes trust and creates a reason to engage.

AVM client experience updates

Let’s face it, AVMs can be complicated for consumers. And we believe that an educated homeowner/buyer is an empowered one. With the AVM client experience updates we’ve refreshed the automated valuation module- providing even more insights into AVMs, where they come from, and how to “tune their value.” Now it’s easier for clients to understand how home details like renovations, remodels, and home improvements can impact their value.

In The News

Quo Acquisition

Homebot is on a mission to empower and support consumers on the entirety of their homeownership journey, while creating a more connected and meaningful relationship between homeowners and their trusted home advisors.

Purchasing a home is a deeply personal experience and buyers today are struggling to make smart home finance decisions.

With the acquisition of Quo, Homebot plans to bring a native mobile app experience to our millions of engaged consumers, while supporting loan officers and real estate agents to attract more first time home buyers. With this acquisition, Homebot’s home education portal is more accessible than ever before.

If you want to learn more:
[Read] Our official acquisition announcement 
[Read] Meet Quo’s co founders, Tucker Hass and Neel Yerneni

That’s a wrap for March! 

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