June 13, 2019

New Homebot Buyer Features Just Went Live TODAY

Homebot's new buyer features improve the prequal-to-app pull through with enhanced LO interaction, lifestyle indicators and unique personalization.

Today we released some major enhancements to the buyers side of our platform. You heard us right… buyers. Homebot goes beyond the homeowner with huge new features to pull lenders in earlier to the buying and search experience.  We have new prompts for buyers to obtain a prequal, lock a rate, and inquire about down payment with a single click. And, to create a sense of urgency, future buyers can see how their buying power has changed over time as well as which markets best match their lifestyle, price point, and buying timeline.

“The market explorer includes several natural conversation starters and instant LO contact to propel buyers toward next steps. Coupled with the enhanced personalization and lifestyle indicators that show the buyer’s goals and timeline, LOs can work smart and focus on the buyers that are ready to apply,” said Homebot CEO Ernie Graham.  

We’re really excited about how the market explorer fits into the overall buying experience. Rather than starting your search by looking at specific properties, we’re getting buyers to think about which neighborhoods they want. Homebot educates the buyers on which markets are hot, where to buy the biggest home (by square foot), fastest timeline, and cheapest buy.




Whatever motivates your buyers, Homebot will tailor to their needs.

Planet Home Lending has been using Homebot for quite some time now, and got a sneak peek at some of the new features Homebot has to offer for buyers. "Homebot has had years of proven success in driving repeat and referral business from our borrowers," said Wes Tool, Retail Branch Manager at Planet Home Lending. "Now, Homebot's buyer tools give our LOs the ability to nurture new relationships earlier in the buying process. This is a powerful tool to help boost the prequal-to-app pull through rate, and to help buyers make smart buying decisions." 

Each month, buyers receive LO or agent branded  reports based on their chosen criteria, including close date, markets / neighborhoods, and lifestyle goals. The buyer report helps prospective buyers understand how their favorite markets measure against each other, and possible short-term income rental opportunities.  At any point, the buyer can use an interactive map to research and add new favorite markets to their report.  


Tune in to our LIVE webinar on Wednesday, June 26th at 12PM MT to get the scoop on how you can leverage the new buyers features to nurture your leads database.

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