October 21, 2020

Learn To Love Automation

When it comes to maximizing efficiency through technology automation, Ricky Miles is a true pro. As Team Lead of the Supreme Team (Supreme Lending) Ricky’s focus on building an integrated, automated tech stack allows his team to cater to the right clients, at the right time. And earned him the title of The Ultimate Homebot Tactician

Impressed by how seamlessly he integrated Homebot into his team’s workflow, we sat down with Ricky to learn about his approach to technology automation on a larger scale. 

Here are our three key takeaways:

It's amazing...automation just ups the game because you're not spending every waking moment doing it manually. It's doing it for you.”  - Ricky Miles

The key to Ricky’s process is knowing his technology. With an in-depth understanding of what each tool is capable of, Ricky is able to leverage integrations to ensure that his tech stack is working together as one comprehensive solution. 

Automating your systems to set task reminders and track client interactions prevents you from dropping the ball on communication with your database and allows you to make the best use of your time. 

We're focused on those motivated individuals who said, yes, I'm ready to move forward. Or, yes, I want information.” - Ricky Miles

Creating an automated, efficient system with your tech stack frees up valuable time for you to focus on the clients who are ready for a transaction. What’s the best way to find out who those people are? Invest in technology that empowers your clients with information and encourages them to raise their hand and let you know what they are interested in

“[Homebot] allows our loan officers to work on the clients who have already raised their hand, who are interested in moving forward”, Ricky notes. “We've automated it for speed on their behalf so they can do more volume with automation.”

We have a huge pull through rate as far as the conversations, because [clients] told us exactly when they want to do business, how they want to do business.” - Ricky Miles

Once you’ve identified who those motivated individuals are, don’t waste your time chasing them down. Cater to your clients. Learning how and when they prefer to do business will not only save you time, but helps build rapport and lets them know you have their best interest in mind.

Ricky’s advice: as soon as you’ve identified who’s ready for a conversation, automate a text & email to go out thanking them for their time and asking when is best to reach them. Set a reminder in your CRM for that date and time, and stick to those reminders. 

Interested in learning how Homebot can help you identify motivated clients and save you time? Schedule a 1:1 demo with a member of our team.

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