June 10, 2020

Level-up your tech strategy with integrations

Choosing the right mortgage technology to help increase your productivity is essential. Whether you want to focus on staying top-of-mind with past clients, enhancing your outbound strategy, or generating new leads, there are technology solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

The key to making your tech dollars go further is selecting best-in-class solutions that work together. Integrations can level-up your tech strategy by enhancing each solution and streamlining the client experience. 

Homebot integrates with some of the most innovative mortgage tech solutions. These strategic partnerships are built to increase efficiencies and help your tech investments to work harder for you

Homebot → Mortgage Coach 

Maximize your refi strategy 

The Homebot / Mortgage Coach integration combines the high engagement of Homebot and the detailed analysis of Mortgage Coach’s Total Cost Analysis (TCA) to empower your clients with more visibility into their unique refinancing options. 

When curious about a refi scenario presented in Homebot, your clients can proactively request a TCA with the click of a button, allowing you to focus on clients who are ready for a transaction.

The TCA will automatically be created and you can choose to manually send it to your client or Homebot can automatically send it over for you, saving you valuable time.

Homebot → BombBomb 

Humanize your connections

When it comes to their largest financial asset, your clients need to know that you are there for them. Nothing can achieve this like reaching out in a humanized, personalized way. 

BombBomb seamlessly integrates with Homebot enabling you to shoot a personal video within your client’s Homebot. Whether it’s a quick video to check in or a thorough explanation of their options, human connection through video builds trust and reminds your clients that you are their trusted advisor. 

Homebot → Sales Boomerang 

Streamline your outreach to prospects and clients

A critical component of successful outreach is being armed with the right talk track. That’s why Homebot and Sales Boomerang have partnered to create the perfect ecosystem for you to know who to contact, when to reach out, and what to say.

Sales Boomerang tracks key financial facts and life events, notifying lenders when they should reach out to a specific borrower. With the Homebot integration, these notifications also include a link to the client’s Homebot digest which provides behavioral insights and valuable content to help initiate meaningful conversations with the borrower. 

Learn more about how to activate these integrations:

Homebot → Mortgage Coach

Homebot → BombBomb

Request early access to the Homebot → Sales Boomerang integration.

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