July 13, 2023

July Product Release

New to Homebot

Improvements to our Home Value Estimates

Home Values are an integral part of the way we educate and empower homeowners and buyers. With your feedback, we’ve been hard at work refining our model for estimated home values (AVMs), ensuring the values reflected are based on the most recent and accurate data available. Our improved home value estimates use an advanced algorithm and a range of industry-leading data sources that have been fine-tuned and tested to provide the highest quality home valuation insights and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions quickly. 

Though, with any home value estimate, your clients may experience some fluctuation as they adjust to the new valuation approach.

If you get questions from clients, here’s what to do:

  • Use this as an opportunity to review their home valuation with them and provide expert insight on how it compares to other homes in their area
  • Consider further fine tuning their estimate with a CMA, by leveraging your expertise or your co-sponsored real estate agents 
  • Reach out to our team for additional support (visit our help center here)

Homebot Mobile App - Coming Soon!

Our goal is to empower and educate consumers throughout the entirety of their homeownership experience. That means meeting consumers where they’re at in order to make smart home finance decisions feel easy. And the industry continues to point to a more tech-savvy buyer that expects flawless mobile experiences, support, and education in the palm of their hands. So we’ve done just that.

Our plans to bring a native mobile app experience to our millions of engaged consumers is in beta. At last … the power of Homebot is more accessible than ever.

The Homebot Mobile App includes everything your clients know and love about Homebot through a user-friendly mobile experience, with enhanced feature sets and more opportunities than ever to engage with clients. Creating a more connected and meaningful relationship between homeowners, loan officers, and real estate agents.

Estimated Home Value module user experience enhancements

Sometimes, it’s the smallest enhancements that make a meaningful impact. We’ve given the estimated home value module a sleek update, making it easier than ever for clients to understand their home value over time. The UI updates feature a smoother view of values over time, allowing the user to mouse over anywhere on the chart to see their value change. Similarly, on a mobile device, a user can tap anywhere on the chart to see the value.

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