May 29, 2024

Introducing Partner Intel

Changing the way you partner with agents

Tired of complicated and hard to use tools to get agent information?

Us too.

So we decided to build a better one. Introducing Partner Intel, designed to help loan officers partner with more agents, more effectively.  This powerful addition to Homebot will transform how you search, engage, and collaborate with agents.

What is Partner Intel and Why Did We Build It?

Agent relationships matter. A loan officer knows that good agent partnerships are a necessary component of their business being successful. And in today’s housing environment, this is even more important. Buyers reach out to their agents first. 

But creating good (or great) agent partnerships is tough. You’re left with manual data analysis, outdated tooling, and a lackluster outreach strategy.

Partner Intel is a user-friendly tool that gives you robust insights into real estate agents historical production data. Whether you are looking to connect with new agents or deepen existing relationships, Partner Intel equips you with the tools to quickly enhance your agent partnership strategy.

Key Features of Partner Intel:

Agent Search

Easily search for agents by name or company using our intuitive search box. Our dynamic filters allow you to narrow down results based on location, transaction period, transaction count, percent buy-side, transaction volume, and average selling price.

Access to the best agent data available

Performance Insights:
Gain insights into each agent’s historical performance, including total transactions, buy-side transactions, list-side transactions, total transaction volume, loan types, and the number of loan officers they have worked with.

Detailed Listing Information:
Within each real estate agent's detailed page, you’ll be able to view their listing data. Which includes the number of active listings, pending listings, and listings coming soon. Plus, the listing address, date, price, and any upcoming open houses. And if you need more info on a particular listing, it’s all available right within Homebot’s Home Search

Detailed Market Share Data:
We give you the power to gain insight into who your preferred real estate agents are currently doing business with. Detailed graphs display lending company information and loan officer information by volume and transactions.

And it gets better. All of the data we mentioned above is updated hourly. So you can rely on having up-to-date information before you reach out.

Saved Search Alerts

We’ve made it easy to continuously empower your unique partner strategy with saved search alerts. Once you’ve completed a search, you can save the search filters and parameters and get an email notification when a new agent matches the criteria you’ve set. For example, “Agents with New Transactions in My Area.”

Favorite Agents

Once you identify agents you want to connect with, you can favorite them which saves them within you account. That way, every time you login to Homebot you can easily view all of the agents you need to connect with. Plus, we include all the contact information you need to kickstart the relationship.

Partner Intel AI (Beta - Coming Soon!)

In addition to a best in class agent insights product, we’re excited to unveil the first-ever AI powered agent search assistant. With the ability to process incredibly complex questions, Partner Intel AI can accommodate your unique agent strategy and help you unlock your full potential.

Take a look at Partner Intel

Wondering how it works in real life? Using Partner Intel is as easy as it gets.
As your real estate agent strategy evolves, Partner Intel will continue to support you and guide you to the partnerships that make the most sense for your business. Plus, with Partner Intel AI coming soon, you can expect even better capabilities soon.

Transform Your Partnership Strategy

Partner Intel is designed to empower loan officers by providing the insights you need to build effective and lasting agent partnerships.

Get a demo to see what else Partner Intel can do for your business. 

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