November 9, 2023

Introducing: The Homebot Mobile App

An engaging mobile app experience for your clients and more opportunities for you

In today's real estate and mortgage market, the key to staying ahead lies in deeper client engagement, better retention, and smarter insights. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of The Homebot Mobile App, designed to provide an engaging mobile experience for your clients and carve out more opportunities for you; this app is the key to unlocking a new level of client engagement.

Adapting to the Mobile-First Consumer

Our world is increasingly mobile-first, with buyers twice as likely to search for properties before contacting a real estate agent, and 90% of consumers' time is spent in native applications. The Homebot Mobile App taps into this behavior, creating deeper connections with clients by offering them smarter insights and advanced features right where they spend most of their digital time—in mobile apps.

And thus far, our bets on the mobile-first consumer have proven true. Data from our alpha users shows that clients engage with the app 1.5 times more often compared to web, with average session times on the app doubling.

More Features, More Opportunities

With an average 40% engagement rate, we know your clients already love Homebot so we’ve kept the core homeowner and buyer experience while adding some enhancements and features that compliment a mobile-first experience.

Here’s what your clients (and you) can look forward to:

  • Updated affordability features - buyers can effortlessly calculate different purchasing scenarios, enhancing their ability to make sound financial decisions
  • An enhanced home search experience - intuitive search experience with advanced filter, sorting, and map-level search capabilities
  • Push notifications - clients who download the app will be sent push notifications when updates to their digest are available
  • Credit monitoring - soft-pull credit monitoring through TransUnion allows your clients to monitor their credit in the context of their home purchasing power

What do these features mean for loan officers and co-sponsored real estate agents? It means being top of mind throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle, from browsing to buying and beyond.

Behavioral Insights that Keep You Connected

With real-time Activity Feed insights and weekly client activity emails you’ll stay informed the moment your clients start showing signals of intent. Similarly to our web experience, you can monitor behavioral data right from your activity feed. You’ll stay informed when your clients perform actions like viewing their buyer report, adjusting their cash position, favoriting a listing, messaging you, requests a property tour, and more.

Join the Movement

The Homebot Mobile App represents an exciting opportunity for loan officers and real estate agents to engage their clients more deeply, while generating more relationships with first-time homebuyers, at no additional cost. Because when your clients are empowered with the best tools, you are too.

Ready to start engaging more with your clients? Invite them to download the mobile app here.

National Association of Realtors

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