June 4, 2024

Homebot Launches Partner Intel, Changing How Loan Officers Partner with Real Estate Agents

Denver, CO — June 4th, 2024 — Homebot, the leading Homeownership Intent Platform, today announced its launch of Partner Intel, empowering loan officers to partner with real estate agents more effectively. This launch changes the way loan officers on Homebot search, engage, and collaborate with agents. 

Partner Intel highlights: 

  • Agent Search: Easily search for agents by name or company using the intuitive search box. Dynamic search allows you to narrow down results based on location, transaction period, transaction count, percent buy-side, transaction volume, and average selling price. 
  • Analyze Agent Performance Insights: Gain valuable insights into agent’s historical performance, including total transactions, buy-side and list-side transactions, total transaction volume, loan types, and the number of loan officers they have worked with. 
  • Saved Search Alerts: Facilitate more effective and timely communications with real estate agents that meet your unique partner strategy. 
  • Favorite Agents: Identify and “favorite” agents that you want to connect with. Plus, we include all contact information and identify if they need a Co-Sponsorship to easily kickoff the relationship. 

"The need for robust, data-driven tools that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business has never been greater," said Charlie Pratt, CEO of Homebot. "With Partner Intel, we're providing our loan officer customers with an unprecedented ability to manage their partnership strategy in one platform ."

The launch of Partner Intel follows a series of successful product releases from Homebot, which have consistently aimed at providing customers with innovative solutions to foster stronger customer relationships and streamline business operations. 

"Partner Intel is more than just a tool; it's a strategic asset," said Charlie Pratt, CEO of Homebot. "We've listened to our customers and have recognized the immense value that comes from not only analyzing partner productivity data quickly but collaborating with them in ways that were not possible before. Partner Intel is about transforming data into direct action that benefits everyone involved."

Homebot's latest innovation comes at a time when the industry is increasingly looking towards technology to solve traditional challenges in maintaining and leveraging partner relationships for business growth.

Partner Intel is now available to all individual loan officer customers for free through the end of 2024. Please inquire separately for enterprise pricing.

To learn more about Partner Intel, you can visit our launch blog.

About Homebot

Homebot is a Homeownership Intent Platform that surfaces actionable data first so you can capture the client before the competition. With Homebot, loan officers know which clients are most likely to need a loan and when, ensuring those active leads are acted on quickly. Our platform identifies origination opportunities so that loan officers can focus on capturing transactions, instead of chasing clients who aren't ready.

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