February 11, 2021

We Promise

Ernie Graham, CEO, Homebot

Two years ago, we were a small team in a co-working space, passionate about revolutionizing the homeownership experience. Today, this vision is becoming reality. Millions of people are making smart home finance decisions with Homebot and the support of their loan officer and real estate agent — and I couldn’t be more excited about the ways we’re pushing the boundaries to drive this vision even further in 2021.

A Promise to Our People

In 2020, Homebot grew from 40 employees to more than 60 and was recognized on two of BuiltInColorado’s lists highlighting “Best Places to Work.” This year, Homebot is on track to grow to over 100 employees. (In fact, we have 10 open positions right now!) I am proud of the passionate and fun team of servant leaders we have built over the years and I'm determined to protect this culture as we grow. As part of this effort, we are making a promise to our people: 

We will never give up on our mission. We will never quit innovating and will hold ourselves accountable for constant improvement. We will grow and harness your individual gifts — helping you find your greatness. We will celebrate your individuality while cherishing the power of our differences. We will surround you with people you are proud to call teammates and friends. We will work hard for you and our customers and we will have fun doing it.

A Promise to Our Customers

Our growing team will support our growing customer base to make sure we’re innovating in the most impactful ways and providing exceptional support to fuel our customers’ success. I’m committed to maintaining our personalized and relationship-focused customer experience as we scale. To help us do this, we’re making a promise to our customers:

We will help you grow your business by creating deeper and new relationships. We will relentlessly innovate to save you time and empower your clients with personalized home finance insights. We will remain committed to keeping your data safe and being vigilant with your compliance requests. We will always be respectful, thoughtful, and professional.

A Promise to the World

In 2020 we felt the impact Homebot had on peoples’ lives more than ever. The connections we facilitated helped people navigate their home finances during unprecedented times, glean powerful advice from their lender or agent, and take advantage of a historically low rate environment. We’re eager to continue empowering homeowners and buyers in all market conditions to help grow and protect the largest asset most will ever own. Our North Star is this promise we make to the world: 

We will remain committed to empowering people to build wealth through homeownership. We will provide a trustworthy place for people to understand home finance and engage with trusted advisors. We will make the complicated easy and fun.

These three promises are not just written on the back of a business card or stored in the cloud somewhere. They're in our DNA — this is who we are. These promises are the result of a collaboration across the Homebot team and represent our intention to make a difference in the world. 

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