June 22, 2017

Homebot selected into Moderne Ventures 2017 “Moderne Passport” Class

Announcing the Spring 2017 Moderne Passport Class

We are thrilled to announce Moderne Ventures’ 2017 Passport Class.  Moderne looks for companies that are innovating in the world around us and introduces them to the real estate industry.  The new Passport companies are solving real business challenges for property owners and managers, real estate professionals, teams, and small businesses.  We are excited to help these companies continue to grow and to introduce innovation to our key markets. Please read below to check them out!

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Meet the Moderne Passport Companies


The dynamic financial dashboard that transforms homeowners into wealth buildersHomebot delivers real-time, personalized home finance intelligence to homeowners for making smart decisions, such as when to refi, remodel, buy, sell, rent. Real estate professionals and lenders provide Homebot to their clients for more repeat and referral business.

The single platform for a truly connected and protected smart homeabode’s smart home platform is a no-contract, professional-grade home security system that also controls your other connected devices through a single application.


Take the chaos out of closing with real-time visibility for everyone

Closings are stressful, time consuming and fragmented, with to-dos stored across different systems. The Preclose platform automates customized, secure, and transparent action plans for all players in a transaction, integrates with  existing technologies, and efficiently moves from listing to closing.


Changing the way we live with a service that gives us back something we all need more of: time

Differentiate your buildings with Alfred’s suite of technology and staff of trusted Home Managers. Let them handle your tenant’s time-consuming tasks so they can focus on what they love, and you can stay ahead of the curve.


Digitally optimized 2D floor plans and 3D models for any property from any source Quickly and easily convert basic measurements and static drawings into spatially engaging 2D floor plans and interior 3D models.


Premium pet concierge for building owners, property managers, and their tenantsbaroo provides pet walking, sitting, and pampering services to multi-family communities. Properties use baroo to differentiate their buildings and to attract high quality tenants who rent larger apartments, stay longer, and renew more frequently.


Finally, home insurance done right. Smarter coverage, better prices delivered online instantly

Hippo provides customized, modern day home insurance completely online delivering customer personalized coverage within 3 minutes.


The most efficient, cost effective on-demand and in-home technology services and support

Whether managing tenants, an office, or your own home, HelloTech delivers vetted tech service and support providers, on-demand, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Lead engagement service that qualifies and refers leads 24/7

Agentology is a comprehensive lead engagement and qualification service providing businesses a seasoned inside sales team qualifying cold web leads into warm prospects by responding to new leads within 5 minutes, 24/7. Agentology also manages a highly vetted, nationwide referral network that allows businesses to monetize leads that don’t fit their service profiles.


Upcoming opportunities to meet the new class and pilot their products and services include:

  • Mentor Meetings – June 22-23, 2017 during the NAA Conference, Atlanta, GA. RSVP here
  • Moderne Portfolio & RE Tech Summit – July 24-25, Chicago, IL. Request an Invitation here
  • Pilot Programs – July, 2017: we will invite select mentors to participate in pilot programs, offered exclusively to Moderne’s strategic partners. Request an invitation here
  • More Events – we are finalizing our 2017 schedule now.  Look for more events to connect with our companies throughout the year.

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