June 17, 2021

Expand Your Network and Get in Front of More Clients with Homebot Co-Sponsorship

Real estate isn't just transactional. It’s a business built on relationships. Strong relationships between Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents – and their clients – are the heart of repeat business and referral opportunities. 

But let's face it: Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents are often so busy that it's challenging to find time to connect with new business partners and expand their networks.

Luckily, Homebot's Co-Sponsorship program makes it easy.

Designed to build long lasting relationships while engaging with clients in more meaningful ways, Co-Sponsorship helps strengthen existing partnerships and even create new ones in the homeownership ecosystem. 

Engage and Strengthen Your Client Network

Homebot sparks meaningful conversations and connections between Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, and their clients throughout the home owning and purchasing lifecycle. Staying top of mind within your network is the key to securing more business opportunities and profitable outcomes.

How much easier would it be to do this if you had a way to consistently put your brand in front of your book of business? Co-Sponsorship is a virtually effortless way to do just that. 

There's no limit to the number of agents that a lender can sponsor in Homebot. When a lender co-sponsors an agent on Homebot, they're positioned as the go-to home finance expert on every Homebot digest delivered to the agent's client base. Serving up dynamic data about a client's home equity, Homebot digests have an average 50% engagement rate across millions of consumers, making them a powerful and always-personalized tool to engage clients during homeownership.

Wendi is Holly Homeowner's favorite real estate agent to work with and she gets her Homebot digests from Wendi. Wendi is co-sponsored by a lender, Michael, so Holly sees Michael's branding on home finance content in her Homebot digest and is just one click away from starting a conversation with Michael.

Lenders who co-sponsor agents in Homebot increase their monthly client reach by up to 86% on average and see 50% more client conversations. The more agents a lender co-sponsors, the more clients they have the chance to work with on their home finance decisions.

For real estate agents, having a lender co-sponsor provides maximum value in Homebot. It unlocks additional capabilities like the ability to connect their IDX to Homebot's market explorer, add custom videos to send to clients, and engage leads with investor-grade market insights.

"I am enjoying everything Homebot has to offer. I have recently been co-sponsored, so I can start adding my buyer clients to the platform. I'm very excited about the widgets and capability of embedding a link to Homebot on my website(s) to further my clientele. It is a pretty simple platform to use and has great content! I have personally worked with the lender who is sponsoring me. I was going to invite a lender, but when I saw he was already on [Homebot], it was a no-brainer." — Rachael Puckett, Broker and Realtor at
West + Main

And, Homebot takes your business seriously, so the Co-Sponsorship program stays up to date with industry compliance standards like RESPA.

Meet New Partners and Form Relationships Faster

When it comes to lender-agent partnerships with Co-Sponsorship, Homebot makes it easy to leverage existing relationships or, when needed, form new ones. 

Loan officers and agents can partner with their go-to professional (if they're not already on Homebot, it takes minutes to invite them to join), or find a viable partner to work with. If you don't have a large network yet or are newer to the business, Homebot Co-Sponsorship can help you meet potential partners doing business in your area. As shown in the picture below, real estate agents looking for a lender co-sponsor can see and search for lenders who work in their same area — and might already share clients — and invite them to be their partner.

Want to stand out in your network? Take advantage of brand customization options that introduce you to prospective partners. Lenders can add brand and bio details as well as a custom video that agents will see as they look for the perfect lender co-sponsor in Homebot.

Get Started with Homebot Co-Sponsorship 

Strengthen business relationships, get in front of more clients, and create lasting relationships with Homebot Co-Sponsorship. Visit homebot.ai/loan-officers to sign up or book a demo and discover how Homebot can fuel your business as you empower your clients to build wealth through homeownership.

Plus, learn how to establish yourself as the go-to lender in your community from Homebot pro Grant Horvath and Scott Schang, a top producing lender and founder of FindMyWayHome.com, in this free, on-demand workshop: Becoming the Go-to Lender. Find more resources here in our Help Center, and if you need any additional assistance we're always a phone call away.

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