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Customer Stories

Even in a Down Market, Mike Silva Scores a 6x ROI Each Year from Homebot

For Mike, bringing value as a trusted advisor is key to successfully driving business with clients, building agents partnerships & earning referral business... especially in a tough market.

Mike Silva

Branch Manager & Mortgage Advisor


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With over 20 years of experience as a mortgage professional, and a successful history of both producing loans and leading others, Mike Silva is a seasoned expert in the world of lending. Most notably, Mike knows the value of keeping his past-clients well informed, and he makes it happen through both annual review calls, and more recently, with Homebot monthly digests. Mike also knows how effective transparency and education are for his clients, and even in difficult market cycles, these factors help him drive impressive volume each and every year.

“It's the most effective way that I've found to maintain clients for the last 21 years, is consistently bringing in value. And that's where Homebot comes in. It's one of those tools that's a staple. It's like, this is part of my business.”

Standing out from the competition

Earning the attention of potential buyers in a tough market is no easy feat. Not only is there heavy competition from other originators, there are the looming giants like Zillow and Redfin. Mike, and successful loan officers like him, cut through the noise by providing a genuine human connection, along with resources that check all the boxes of their concerns and desires with the accessibility of those very listing platforms. He uses Homebot.

“What I found helpful with Homebot is that it's more like a playground for my clients to be on, rather than let's say the Zillow or the, right? Which is going to steer them into their world, to their loan officers, etc. right? So it's a place where I can bring value to my clients and be top of mind at the same time.”

There’s immense value in simplified and personalized education for homeowners, many of whom can go for years without having any idea how they can effectively leverage their equity. Countless buyers are in need of a financial leader who shows that they really do care, that they’re willing to provide the strategies and options to improve their homeownership journey, and for the long term.

Partnerships made simple

Mike has been working with real estate agents for the better part of the last two decades, and yet, there’s still an unsaid art to it. Not only are buyers in-demand in a down market, but so are agents who bring referral opportunities throughout the year. To earn their partnership, it’s actually rather similar to how homebuyers need something of value first, a reason to make you their preferred lender.

“The most effective way I've been able to get in front of real estate agents is showing them the open rate, the engagement, there's nothing out there like this that has this type of engagement that has this type of open rate. I've used so many different marketing platforms, right? But there's real value here in Homebot.

It's always a great conversational piece. They love it. They really do.”

Oddly enough, the agents are the ones requesting co-sponsorship through Homebot first. They’re seeing first-hand the conversations it drives, keeping both partners top of mind and delivering valuable reporting on motivated clients. Whether it’s a CMA request, a quick question, or they’re ready to buy, Homebot connects the agent, lender and client seamlessly.

“Most of the agents have actually brought it up to me first. And then we've got their databases uploaded and now it's to a point where I'm reminding them actually, Hey, here's an individual that's actively looking, here's one, someone that maybe needs an ABM, right? So that's been really, really helpful, right? Because now we're, we're helping them generate business for themselves.”

Bringing value first

Teetering on a recession, Americans on average have far fewer savings than before the pandemic, and far greater debt weighing them down. On top of that, interest rates are also high, with everyone predicting the drop is just around the corner. And yet, despite all of this, there is still hope for the modern buyer. Mike has this figured out, he positions himself as an advisor, helping them fully understand their options for consolidating debt, and continuing to explore their new more financially sound future.

“Lead acquisition has been a big challenge, because interest rates have you know, they're much higher right now. We need to be bringing value more than ever. So with Homebot, it's not just past clients, I'm actively getting in front of buyer side leads.”

A must-have tool for lenders

Mike consistently stays in front of his business with Homebot, with engagements that keep the conversation going, and most importantly, he knows that he has to provide clients with something they genuinely want. Otherwise, his voice is forgotten and the business goes elsewhere. He empowers them to make informed decisions, ones that will improve their journey as a homeowner and set them on a better path forward, all through education and strategy. In return, Mike’s clients show their appreciation when they close dozens of transactions with him every year.

For lenders in any economy, Homebot has proven itself as a fundamental tool for scaling client engagement, nurturing leads and maintaining relationships for life. Buyers love what they're getting out of Homebot, and when you’re the name they see alongside it every month, they’re going to choose you to help them close their next deal.

“Homebot is a must-have because of the value that is perceived by my clients.” 

Curious what Homebot can do for your book of business? Schedule a demo today and see for yourself.

“If I had to take a guess at how much business I'm getting from Homebot based on the activity and the engagement, I would say 5 per year... and during refi booms I am sure it's 20 per year.”

Mike Silva

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Mike Silva

Branch Manager & Mortgage Advisor

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.


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