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Customer Stories

Homebot Generated 30K in Less Than Six Months for this Real Estate Agent

Three clients, six months, and $30,000 dollars later, Fred Weaver thinks Homebot is a must-have for realty companies.

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In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are in short supply. Capturing the attention of potential and existing clients is critical, and being positioned as the educational resource clients need is a top priority for closing deals and generating recurring revenue.

As a successful real estate agent and business owner, Fred Weaver understands these challenges well.

“Over the last few years, the challenge of a real estate professional like myself has been just capturing the attention of our past clients, current clients, and potential future clients. There's so much information out there in the world, and so capturing attention and delivering information that clients and homeowners want to actually see is kind of our challenge.”

While offering high-value, personalized information to clients is essential, it’s not easy to do this consistently. Fortunately for busy real estate agents like Fred, scalable tools like Homebot enable them to deliver must-have tips to save money and strategies that today’s clients seek out from businesses.

First a user, then a Homebot customer, and now a huge fan

Fred has been using Homebot in different capacities for nearly three years — first, as a user, then as a real estate agent customer of Homebot.

“I've been a Homebot customer for nearly three years and initially signed up on the platform because I was a user. My preferred lender partner enrolled me in the program, and I loved the Homebot digest that showed up in my email.”

Now, he’s a huge fan.

“I highly recommend Homebot to all real estate professionals who plan to be in this business for the next five or more years. I frequently teach different masterminds and lead different discussions with agents where Homebot is a pivotal part of our conversation

And precisely why is Homebot such a pivotal part of the conversation?

Meaningful connection in a world of information

As a Real estate agent, it can be difficult to stay connected with your entire database in a meaningful way.

With Homebot, real estate agents can regularly keep in touch with their clients and send them relevant, informative digests that enable them to maximize their home values and make prudent financial wealth-building decisions on their journey as a homeowner.

“Homebot helps me stay connected with people that I probably should but may not always pick up the phone and call. And so it allows me to stay connected with the Homebot digest via email and allows me to know in advance who might be thinking of buying or selling based on how they interact with their Homebot digest.”

Additionally, Homebot is an excellent platform for facilitating ongoing conversations between homeowners and their real estate agents, allowing agents to maximize and generate recurring revenue with past and current clients.

“One of the challenges and opportunities as a real estate professional is learning when somebody might want to buy or sell and sort of mind reading. And so Homebot is, if you will, a great mind-reading tool that allows me to see who in my database might be thinking of buying or selling before they've even sent a text message, sent an email, or picked up the phone and called me.”

Another challenge that real estate agents face is the geographic limitation. But with Homebot, agents can send information to people across the country, effectively expanding their referral networks to sizes they otherwise couldn’t obtain.

“Homebot has allowed me to pick up more referral business because it's allowed me to put my clients in databases and spheres that may not live in the state where I sell real estate, which happens to be Arizona, into Homebot. So specifically, Homebot allows me to send out a Homebot digest to people I know all across the United States and deliver to them some great information on their homes. And I have been able to procure some referrals for out-of-state clients that before Homebot, I would've never had.”

Over $30k generated within the last six months

In just six months, Homebot generated upwards of 30,000 dollars for Fred Weaver’s from just three clients asking for their home value.

“In the last six months, I can point to no fewer than three different closed transactions that we've had that were related to Homebot. I would say the revenue on that was probably in upwards of $30,000 or more created by three Homebot clients that asked us for their home value that we then went and held a listing appointment with signed paperwork, sold their house, and without Homebot, I don't think we would've ever had those particular listings.”

"Homebot is a must have because clients love it and real estate agents love it. It allows us as an agent to see a lot of information with how our clients interact with the digest and clients love it and interact with it at a level unlike any other email I've ever sent my database in 18 years."

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Fred Weaver

Group 46:10 Network & eXp Realty

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.


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