Customer Stories
Customer Stories

How this Real Estate Agent uses Homebot to Connect with Over 2500 Clients Every Month

Homebot makes client engagement more simple and lightweight than ever, giving Leon back valuable time while generating leads and keeping him top of mind.

Leon Harper

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As a Real Estate Broker for the past 30 plus years, Leon Harper understands the delicate balance between nurturing client relationships, bringing in new business, and making efficient use of his time. As the market becomes more demanding and noisy, Leon maintains communication with his clients by providing information they genuinely care about.

Staying top of mind, while eliminating time consuming tasks, has been a critical component in managing these highly valuable relationships. Homebot has simplified this process by nurturing clients and connecting them to Leon when they have questions, intent to buy/sell, or wish to refer a friend/family member.

“It's prompting them to come to me, and because they're coming to me, I can respond to them… That's my engagement. I'm not working hard, trying to reach out to them, they're coming to me. So it's lightened my workload effort in the fact that I'm not prospecting as hard because [Homebot] is already doing that for me.”

Set It and Go Get It

Having used Homebot since 2019, Leon is no stranger to the value it brings him and his clients. Scaling beyond 2,500 clients, he regularly uploads these homeowners and buyers into Homebot and lets the monthly digest work for him. But it doesn’t end there, Leon receives regular updates about client activity, giving him actionable insight into their desired markets, home modifications, intent-related activity, and more. This combined with his use of custom videos has led to an incredible engagement rate of 58%.

“If you're not doing videos, you're not planning on being here long, and there's so many features in Homebot for videos that you can get out to clients.”

Leon knows the value of being proactive, and he’s been in the business for over 30 years, so when he found a tool that aligned with the way he managed his database, it was a clear choice.

Beyond Compare

With endless insights through Homebot, use of videos, and seamless integrations, Leon is empowered with invaluable information and access to clients. Growing his circle of influence is easier than ever, and his message not only gets seen, it gets engagement.

“Homebot, for the price, cannot be beat. I've not seen anything out there that even compares to this at all.”

More and more agents are discovering the listing engine that is Homebot, the powerful tool that simplifies and scales your reach for you.

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“You can't beat the return on it. It's always working. It doesn't take a day off. It doesn't do holidays. It doesn't eat sick pay. It's always working for me even when I'm not working… so I love it.”

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Leon Harper

Triwood Realty

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.


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