April 20, 2018

The Homebot Founding Story

Early On

Back in 2015, founders Ernie Graham (CEO) and Ira McMahon (CTO) were working with Realtor.com doing research and product development for consumers.  Over time and with gained industry knowledge, the two zoned in on one simple idea: Instead of making people feel rich, let’s help them become rich by empowering them to make the smartest financial decisions with their homes.  The two would embark on the venture of creating a one-of-a-kind system of intelligence designed to help mortgage professionals and real estate agents help their clients do just that.

Gaining Momentum

For the first several months, they worked exclusively with homeowners to see what they were looking for in a home asset manager.  They discovered  in their research that homeowners felt the same about one integral thing.  If something like “Homebot” were to exist, where they would want to get it from; most of them said, “my agent or lender.” 

What started as one simple idea quickly developed into a tangible, working product for all three types of users; homeowners, lenders and agents.  Over time and as they built more traction, they brought in their third member and current day COO, Michael Lynch to help build the company from the ground up. In early 2016, Homebot launched its first production product had their first real customer, Universal Lending Corporation, by summer.

The Core Idea

Homebot reinforces the idea that it’s not just about the transaction when it comes to a home.  It’s about the relationship before, during and after that makes a professional really add value to homeowners.  By using Homebot as a tool to stay in touch with their clients and give them actionable and valuable home finance information, lenders and agents have arrived at a new era of how business is done.  This is an era where systems of intelligence are used to better communicate what industry professionals want their clients to know and understand.  Top agents and lenders use Homebot to empower homeowners in turn, generating more repeat and referral business.

Homebot Today

Today, Homebot is a dynamic financial dashboard designed to help homeowners save money and build wealth with the single largest asset that they may ever own -- their home.

We work with thousands of agents and lenders around the country and what started as three guys sitting on their computers in the common area of Galvanize has taken shape to include a company of 20 talented individuals and multiple teams dedicated to growing and constantly striving to improve the product and user experiences.

We are a software company based out of Denver, Colorado.  

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