June 11, 2019

NOVA® Home Loans is Now on Homebot!

NOVA® Home Loans deploys Homebot to enable Loan Officers (LOs) to deliver useful, wealth building information to nurture homeowner relationships.

Today we are so thrilled to announce that NOVA® Home Loans is unveiling its partnership with Homebot, and will soon be rolling out to their database in the coming days. NOVA will be utilizing our engagement platform to deliver highly personalized, branded digests that track current property values and offer a range of strategic financial scenarios to help homeowners build wealth faster.

“Homebot is a win-win for our LOs and their borrowers,” The Chairman and CEO of NOVA® Home Loans, Jon Volpe, said when discussing the company’s excitement about finally adopting Homebot. “Homebot puts our LOs in front of their clients every month in a highly relevant manner and helps those clients maximize their home equity and long-term wealth potential. The data-driven, client-centric campaigns average a jaw-dropping 75% open rate, which tells me homeowners are loving the value this system provides.”  

“NOVA’s modern approach toward marketing positions them to thrive throughout any market cycle,” said Homebot CEO Ernie Graham. “Homebot levels the playing field, allowing LOs to compete head-to-head with multi-million dollar marketing budgets, and cement top-of-mind awareness to keep their client for life.  We’re thrilled to add NOVA® Home Loans to our growing list of exceptional lender clients.”

With a swift click of a button, the monthly digest is launched by LOs and delivered on a monthly basis to homeowners, providing them with all the information they could possibly dream of about the value of their current home. This includes current home value and equity, appreciation, tactics to build wealth, if a refi makes sense, amortization details, and more. The digest contains contact prompts throughout, which yields impressive engagement rates and pull through, as well as detailed reporting which allows LOs to follow their client’s journey every step of the way.

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