July 10, 2024

Newzip partners with Homebot to launch 2% consumer savings program

Denver, CO – July 10th, 2024 – Homebot, the leading homeownership intent platform, today announced a strategic partnership with Newzip, a tech-enabled real estate platform, to empower Homebot consumers with a cash reward program that lowers their transaction costs up to 2% when they sell and buy. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the mortgage industry, as both companies are recognized as industry leaders in driving client conversion and engagement.

"We’re incredibly excited about the relationship we’ve developed with Newzip and the opportunity we have to present our common lending partners and their clients with powerful new cost-saving options at the right points in time in their homeownership journey. With home affordability hovering near all-time lows, this consumer savings opportunity is incredibly valuable for both buyers and sellers," said Charlie Pratt, CEO of Homebot.

The partnership combines the innovative technology and consumer-centric approach of both companies to offer buyers and sellers unparalleled benefits and insights throughout the entirety of the homeownership journey. Homebot's and Newzip's shared customers now have the ability to offer consumers up to 2% in total savings when both selling and buying with a Newzip agent, and will have the ability to promote this industry leading offer directly in their Homebot experience.  Homebot's consumer engagement produces rich behavioral insights that provide lenders with the opportunity to connect with clients the moment they start showing signs of intent. Now, lenders can easily leverage Newzip’s unique cash rewards program and real estate concierge services to convert engagement into transactions at a higher rate.

"Both parties are incredibly committed to increasing the standard when it comes to the real estate customer experience,” said Adi Pavlovic, CEO & Co-founder of Newzip.“ Joining forces allows us to combine Homebot’s industry’s leading home ownership and engagement platform with our real concierge experience in order to help mortgage lenders win by elevating their value proposition.”

This collaboration comes at a critical time in the industry as home buyers and sellers are looking to cut transactional costs as they navigate a high interest rate environment. To learn more about the partnership, please visit our blog announcement or contact bcassidy@newzip.com 

About Homebot

Homebot is a Homeownership Intent Platform that surfaces actionable data first so you can capture the client before the competition. With Homebot, loan officers know which clients are most likely to need a loan and when, ensuring those active leads are acted on quickly. Our platform identifies origination opportunities so that loan officers can focus on capturing transactions, instead of chasing clients who aren't ready. For more information, visit Homebot.ai.

About Newzip

Newzip is a real estate platform that empowers mortgage lenders to deliver an end-to-end customer experience. Leveraging a combination of technology and human empathy, Newzip’s vision is to create the standard for a modern real estate experience that helps people make informed decisions throughout their entire journey. To learn more visit www.newzip.com

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