March 30, 2023

Homebot Honored as 2023 HousingWire Tech100 Company for the 5th Consecutive Year

DENVER, CO., March 30, 2023 — Homebot, a home education portal that empowers consumers to make smart home finance decisions and facilities meaningful engagement between loan officers, real estate agents, and their clients, today announced that HousingWire has named Homebot a 2023 HW Tech100 honoree for the fifth consecutive year. The HW Tech100 annual awards program recognizes the most innovative technology companies reshaping the mortgage and real estate industries.

For the past 11 years, the Tech100 program has celebrated organizations that make significant contributions to the housing industry through technology innovation. This year, the program presented two groups: Tech100 Mortgage and Tech100 Real Estate, highlighting the innovation and achievements of organizations from both sectors.

“The Tech100 program is the gold standard for organizations in housing who are at the forefront of the kind of innovation that will change the industry.”

- Clayton Collins, CEO of HW Media. 

Homebot was honored for their innovative solutions that create a more connected and engaging experience between consumers and their trusted home advisors. The Homebot portal facilitates long-term relationships by enabling loan officers and real estate agents to deliver personalized, actionable intelligence to to their clients and prospects every month. The monthly digest empowers homeowners and buyers to make smart home finance decisions and positions loan officers and real estate agents as trusted advisors throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle.

“As someone who had a front-row seat to watch the housing economy’s tech transformation, I am increasingly in awe of the innovation we have seen from the Tech100 winners year after year,” HW Media Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler said. “With new technologies emerging every day, I am proud to be part of this exciting journey that has positioned the industry to be more efficient, more transparent and more accessible than ever before.”

The complete list of 2023 HW Tech100 Real Estate and Tech100 Mortgage honorees can be viewed in the March edition of HW Magazine and on HousingWire’s website.

The 2023 HW Tech100 Mortgage 

The HW Tech100 Real Estate 

About Homebot

Homebot, is a home education portal that keeps people connected to their home advisors (loan officers and real estate agents) to make informed decisions throughout the homeownership lifecycle. The award-winning portal delivers personalized, actionable intelligence throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle to every client and prospect. With an average 50% monthly engagement rate, Homebot ensures lenders and agents remain the trusted advisors that consumers rely on to make informed decisions about the largest asset they may ever own, their home. Homebot is based in Denver, Colorado.

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