Greg Gale on Leveraging Your Home Equity

February 23, 2021
Min Video

Greg Gale

Senior Loan Officer, NOVA Home Loans

In this video, Greg educates his clients about leveraging their home equity to purchase a new home. He talks about the different options available to homeowners and how the right choice depends on your unique situation. Greg positions himself as the trusted advisor his clients can rely on to learn more and encourages them to reach out and explore their opportunities!

Why we love this video:

  • The video is straightforward and easy to follow
  • The content is informative, but leaves you wanting more
  • Greg reminds his past clients that he is there to be their advisor and consultant
  • Greg uses hand gestures, facial expressions, and voice inflection to engage his audience

Pro tip from Greg

“Don’t get in your own way! Creating good content is perfectly acceptable, don’t expect to create the greatest video of all time every time.”

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