David Nelson Welcoming Past Clients to Homebot

February 24, 2021
Min Video

David Nelson

Realtor/Team Leader eXp Realty

David welcomes his past clients to Homebot, letting them know what to expect and encouraging them to take advantage of this great tool he’s providing. He explains that Homebot is a monthly report and could change each month, so it’s important that clients continually engage with Homebot to learn about their home finance. David also uses this opportunity to drive adoption by emphasizing that Homebot is free and super easy to use. 

Why we love this video

  • The framing is great — Michael’s recording device is at eye-level and there isn’t too much head room 
  • David says that he offers Homebot to his clients and friends — grouping clients into the same category as friends helps to build trust and strengthen client relationships
  • David uses video to encourage referrals by saying his clients can share Homebot with their friends and family, too
  • The light is positioned behind David’s recording device to ensure his face is well-lit

Pro tip from David

“Start small first and keep it simple. Don't try to create this viral, movie-like video your first time. Instead, just introduce yourself and smile.”

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