Personalize Homebot digest with BombBomb video content


BombBomb is a leading video marketing tool that helps Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents build relationships through video communication. BombBomb makes it easy to record, send, and secure video messages that enhances the consumer experience and deepens relationships. Over 65% of people would prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a short video.

Using Homebot’s video manager, Loan Officers and Real Estate agents are able to add custom BombBomb videos throughout the Homebot digest, putting their brand and personalized touch on the Homebot experience for their clients and prospects.

Benefit 1

Personalization at scale

Embed your BombBomb video directly into the digest and start providing valuable insight the moment your clients need it

Benefit 2

Deliver Expertise

Position yourself as the expert your client rely on with the humanized touch of video

Benefit 3

Measure & Track Performance

View and track your video activity and performance within BombBomb

Build Trust & Connection

Build Trust & Connection

Connect with new clients via a unique welcome video and strengthen relationships with past clients

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Streamline business operations and enhance functionality by connecting Homebot with the tech you use everyday to drive client engagement, retention, and new business.