July 28, 2023

5 Must-have Scripts Every Loan Officer Needs to Build Stronger Relationships

The way you respond to a client or agent partner will shape their opinion of you as a loan officer. 

This impacts your success in winning new deals, holding onto your existing clients, and building new partnerships.

In fact, what you say has the power to transform you from being seen as just another LO aiming to close a deal, to someone your client and partners can rely on.

This is where scripts can really help 📜

Now, here's the deal. Scripts aren't just for prepackaged, quick-fire responses like most people make them out to be. 

They should be used to craft the right replies that showcase you, the Loan Officer, as a trustworthy ally, not just another salesperson.

It’s all about building consistency in your answers, so you win your client and agent partner’s trust. 

Moving beyond the transaction-focused approach of typical mortgage scripts, we've gathered five of the best scripts that put you in the role of a trusted advisor. 

These scripts are all about educating clients, empowering agent partners, keeping your clients coming back, and growing your business as an LO.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the top scripts that we’ve pulled together 👇

Want the full list? Check out 11 Must-have Scripts Every Loan Officer Needs to Build Stronger Relationships

link to full resource

Answering: “Why should I do business with you?”

What do you say when a client hits you with the big question, "Why should I do business with you?"

This is your opportunity to articulate your unique value proposition. In other words, the unique benefit you offer that sets you apart from other loan officers. And guess what? Having the “best rates” isn’t always what gets you business.

Try this script template:

“That’s a great question [Name] and I’m glad you asked! There are a few things that set me apart from your regular loan officer. For starters, I have {insert unique value prop}, and {insert unique value prop}. That said, it’s all about finding the right fit for you! 

I like to understand the whole picture before recommending any loan products. Things like your income and financial background, your goals, and your desired closing date. 

From there, I’d like to see if I can come up with the best mortgage strategy for you and your family.

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your current situation?”

This script is powerful because it allows you to provide a quick summary of your unique value propositions while also creating an opportunity to steer the conversation and request more information. 

Answering: “What’s your rate” by reframing and positioning yourself as a strategic advisor to your client

It’s the first question every buyer wants to know … “what are your rates,” or "where are rates headed? Should I hold off on buying until rates drop?"

This is your golden ticket to step up as a strategic advisor by discussing strategy instead of dishing out a generic response about today's rate.

Josh Mettle from NEO Homeloans, has the perfect advice for how to handle the rate question.

He notes that as an LO, you should reframe the rate question around to: What's the best mortgage strategy for you and your family? This covers things like: where do you stand on having a reserve emergency fund for your family? What's going to matter more for you and your loved ones - the lowest upfront costs or the lowest payment? And where are you at with your retirement savings?”

Here’s the gist of Josh’s response:

“That’s an awesome question, [Name]. It really boils down to what’s the best game plan for your family, don't you think? I'm going to ask you some questions, and before I suggest a solution, I want to learn more about you. Once we've got that down, I'm going to lay out a couple of options for you. Let's call them mortgage strategies. I'll present these in a total cost analysis.

This total cost analysis will show you the overall cost of each strategy over the time you plan to be in the house. So, we're going to delve a bit deeper to find out stuff like your kids' ages, any big changes coming up in your work life in the next few years, and how long you might need this loan. Then I'll sketch out in easy-to-read charts and graphs the total cost of each of those strategies over your intended home stay. Plus, I'll show you the total equity or wealth linked with the property under each strategy. Because when we choose a mortgage, we need to think about what's the most cost-effective strategy and what's the best strategy to boost wealth.

So, with all that said, if you're okay with it, let me ask you a few questions, and then we can figure out which strategy suits you best.”

This script smoothly navigates you away from the usual chat about rates and fees, instantly putting you in the advisor's seat. All of a sudden, you're more like a trusted ally to your clients than a typical LO.

The relationship building script for landing new agent partners (using the law of reciprocity)

Getting the opportunity to chat with agents can be a bit of a challenge—they're flooded with LOs vying for their attention.

And seriously, how many “grab a coffee?” invites can agents handle before tuning them out?

Instead of asking agents for a coffee, their time, or referrals, you need to offer something of value. 

This next script is all about giving back to agents:

Hi [Agent Name], This is [your name] from [your company]. I've got a list of clients who I think would be a great match for you. I'd really like to team up with you to assist these clients in finding their next home. Can we find some time next week to go over this list together and reach out to my interested sellers?

If you’re using Homebot, you can even lead in with Homebot to highlight the value you're bringing.

Hi [Agent Name], This is [your name] at [your company]. I’ve been using this tool Homebot that is consistently engaging my clients every month for me and generating a lot of repeat business with my sellers and buyers. As a result I have this list of highly engaged clients and I'd love to team up with you to assist them in finding their next home. Want to chat more about working together on Homebot? 

What makes this script effective is that it's all about kick-starting a relationship with an agent by using the principle of reciprocity. There's a whole heap of social psychology research backing this up (you can find that here if you’re interested). 

By giving out something useful right from the get-go, you're paving the way for the agents to work together with you. 

Post closing script to win clients for life

As a loan officer, you know that retaining relationships is the key to growth.

That’s where Homebot is a game-changer. Use it alongside this script to keep your clients engaged and on board with you for the long haul. It’s about making sure they know you’re still in their corner, even after they close on their home.. 

Here’s another script that’s inspired by Jeremy Forcier from Cross Country Mortgage

“Hey {Client Name}, I want you to know something important. When you close your first loan with me, that’s when my real job kicks into gear. See, I’m here to help you manage one of the biggest assets you’ll ever own — your home. I mean, let's be real, a lot of folks in my line of work, they sort of go MIA once the paperwork’s done. But that’s not my style.

What I'm gonna do for you is keep an eye on market conditions for you. If there’s a chance to get you better terms down the line or leverage your equity then I’ll reach out. And to help with this, I’m going to set you up with Homebot which will continuously send you updates about your home's value, market conditions, refinancing opportunities and other ways to leverage the equity in your home. 

Then when the time is right, if there’s a chance to get you better terms down the line, then I’ll reach out to you. 

How does that sound?"

This script establishes the potential for a relationship long after the first transaction. By positioning yourself as their trusted home advisor, you’re ensuring your client feels comfortable reaching out in the future. And when you add them to Homebot, you’re offering additional value and education, while creating more opportunities for meaningful engagement. 

Using home equity as a conversation starter when reaching out to past clients

Your database is one of your most valuable assets. 

And your client’s equity is a great conversation starter. 

"Hey there, [borrower's first name]. [your name] here, from [company]. Great chatting with you again! I’ve noticed that you've built up an extra $150,000 of equity in your home since you purchased... Well done! Do you need help determining your best options for utilizing your equity? I’m happy to chat through your options to help you make the most of it."

If you’re using Homebot then you can even record a video using BombBomb and embed it directly in the digest. 

Why does this script work so well? 

This script sets you up as your client's trusted advisor. You're not just another lender. You're their partner, helping them figure out the best ways to leverage their equity. 

Remember, your client's equity is just one piece of data you can use to spark up conversations and overcome call reluctance. There are plenty of other data points within Homebot that you can use to get the ball rolling.

Next steps: Get Your Free Copy of "11 Highly Effective Scripts Every Loan Officer Needs to Build Stronger Relationships"

Scripts aren't just about words on a page, they're a strategic tool to help shape the direction of your conversations. They're a way to nudge things in your favor, whether you're aiming to attract new partners, win over fresh clients, or keep the ones you've already got.

If you're eager for more, then download our free guide 11 Must-Have Scripts Every Loan Officer Needs to Build Stronger Relationships 

Once you get your hands on this guide, you'll unlock game-changing mortgage script templates to help you:

📜 Retain clients after closing

📜 Generate referrals from new and past clients

📜 Introduce clients to Homebot using video

📜 Educate clients about things like closing costs and pre-qualification

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