June 8, 2018

How the Best Real Estate Agents Create Compelling Content

Being a real estate agent in today's volatile and sometimes saturated market is hard. You may feel like you're in a rat race with a hundred other agents and it can be challenging to find your content voice. Don't get discouraged. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Here are a few content-driven topics to promote that will help position you as the best in the business.

Address Frequently Asked Questions

Because you're an expert in buying and listing real estate, you have ample experience from which to draw upon in answering clients' frequently asked questions. When creating your content, whether it be digital or copy, always lead with insightful answers to home buyer or home seller common questions. Home purchases may be the most significant investment your clients will ever make. Help them negotiate the best price, avoid pitfalls and maximize the potential for ROI. For those clients selling their homes, you have an opportunity to make sure they get the healthiest amount for their home and you can feature insider tips to preparing their home for showings. Both audiences will welcome your guidance.

Highlight Best Practices

Although some clients are veterans at buying and selling homes, it is still considered relevant information to provide current best practices for the process. The markets often change as do the players, and as a real estate agent, you can be the leading expert in demonstrating resilient best practices. Feature relevant content that indicates your interest in setting your clients for a successful transaction. Knowing how to prepare your home for listing, knowing what to expect during a home inspection or even price negotiation tips are all great examples of insightful topics. Be the professional who offers "insider best practices" with clients, and you'll find your expertise and advice will build your credibility and trust.

Market, Community & Housing Statistics

Clients expect you to know everything there is to know about the housing market. They will come to you looking for insights on the latest housing trends, local pricing and even community living. When creating relevant content, tap into these statistics and share the numbers. Talk about the local jobs, school or community rankings. Showcase increases in home values. Capitalize on knowing when the season or market is ideal for buyers or sellers. Go even deeper and provide valuable content on the opportunities to make additional income with short term rentals.

As a realtor in today's market, you understand that there is a host of irrelevant information being pumped out to the public. Build trust with your audience by setting yourself apart and start generating insightful content. To be successful, you know going the extra mile with your efforts is key. You work hard to market your properties on multiple platforms. You attend your sellers' home inspections. You follow up with your clients after the showing. Don't fall short when it comes to creating content. Be the expert you know you are and put a megaphone to your expertise!

For more ideas on how to delight your clients with content, contact us.

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