June 15, 2018

How Lenders Become Champions of Building Wealth for Homeowners with Nicole Rueth


Homebot gives me more conversations; conversations equal transactions.”

— Nicole Rueth, Branch Manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage

A couple of months ago, our team brought in longtime valued Homebot user, Nicole Rueth, to share her thoughts on our service. Not only is Nicole a Top Producing Loan Officer, but she finds time to manage the Denver Branch of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, as well.  She has been working in the real estate industry for over fifteen years and successfully runs her own mortgage broker company, The Rueth Team.

In this testimonial, we asked Nicole a few client-specific questions to get a sense of how her homeowners are reacting to the Homebot digest. She was particularly excited to share how much opportunity for conversation she now gets with her clients, and how she has been helping homeowners achieve the “American Dream.”

Conversations Equal Transactions

Studies show that 71% of a lender’s clients will forget their lender’s name only 13 months after a transaction. If you work in the lending and real estate industry, this probably sounds very familiar. You’ve experienced first-hand how important repeat clients are to your business — and how difficult they can be to retain! In a market that can be so volatile, and with so much competition, we knew this was an industry challenge that needed attention. When we asked Nicole how Homebot has helped her reconnect with past clients, she answered:

“It’s given me the opportunity to open up the door and call folks… having them specifically get into a topic is super helpful because it’s a huge opportunity to open that door.”

The topics to which Nicole is referring are those covered by the modules that homeowners see in their monthly digests. These modules include — but are not limited to — estimated monthly home value, refinancing opportunities, and potential additional revenue from short term rentals (Airbnb).

These very same modules help to integrate the homeowner into a greater conversation with their trusted Lender. When a homeowner can not only understand their financial situation, but interpret the information they’re given, it opens up a dialogue between the client and Lender that previously may not have been accessible. An informed client can not only ask the right questions to have a productive conversation, but can be collaboratively led to making the wisest decisions, as well.

“Conversations are key.” Nicole reiterated. “Homebot gives me more conversations; conversations equal transactions, because they open up opportunities to really pour yourself into that person and find out what they need… what’s really going on in their life.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The American Dream

Like so many other lenders, Nicole truly loves helping her clients achieve their financial goals. Today, her focus was on one particular goal, which Nicole calls a “homeowner’s American Dream.” This dream involves building as much wealth as possible, understanding and managing finances, and living an overall happy life. And who better to assist in realizing those dreams than loan officers, who Nicole refers to as “champions of building wealth”?

“Homebot supports who we should be as Loan Officers… it’s our job to support the American Dream.”

Nicole explained that most homeowners can’t build significant wealth any other way than through their greatest asset — their home. We’ve quoted it before, and we’ll gladly quote it again:

By the time the average American retires, 83% of their retirement will come from their home equity.”

—Ernie Graham, Homebot CEO & Co-Founder

It is because of this very statistic that Nicole believes it would be a disservice to her clients were she not to seize this opportunity to help them that Homebot provides. But with our system, Nicole can seize those opportunities: she can recommend a remodel so her clients can rent out on Airbnb, she can notify her clients about refinancing options, and she can be the trusted Lender for her clients when they accumulate enough wealth to buy their dream home. Or their second home. Or their third home. Or their… well, you get the idea.

“This is more than a tool. It’s almost the backbone of a conversation to help our clients get to a better place for them, and their families.”

Nicole is one of many Loan Officers who have used Homebot to shape and support their preferred business practices. If this sounds like something that could assist you, too, we’d love to get you started. To learn more, check out another testimonial, or, better yet, schedule a one-on-one demo with a team member. We hope to see you around soon!

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