June 18, 2018

How Homebot Engages Your Clients with Eric Kulbe, Guild Mortgage


“I said hey okay I’m ready to give this a try, and then saw immediate results, immediate leads and immediate contact with my clients and great feedback.” - Eric Kulbe

We recently had Eric Kulbe, Guild Mortgage Company’s Regional Manager, speak with us about his experience using Homebot.  Even after 17 years in the mortgage industry, he recognized “something different” in Homebot that added unique value and insight into his daily operations.  Eric emphasizes how Homebot helps with client engagement and strengthens his relationships with past and current clients.  He also expresses excitement about lead generation and Homebot’s intuitive design.

Client Engagement

“Product marketing is dead… Consumer empowerment is where it’s at.” - Ernie Graham, CEO of Homebot

We asked Eric how he uses Homebot to keep in touch, to which he explained the difficulty in keeping consumers engaged with relevant and personalized information, “What is it that the consumer wants to see?”  Fortunately, Eric found that his clients’ digests in Homebot opened an opportunity for more personal and engaged communication between him and his clients.  His clients’ personalized digests offer insights on how they can turn their homes into stronger financial assets and ultimately help these homeowners build wealth, which is our fundamental mission at Homebot.  

As demonstrated through a 70% email open rate and a 65% engagement rate across all Homebot users, clients want and care about this information they are being sent.  Providing consumers with empowering knowledge is keeping clients engaged with their lenders, as Eric and his team experience. Not only do Homebot digests empower Eric’s clients with important information they care about, but they also serve as a marketing platform for Eric to build strong relationships, driving referrals and helping him retain clients.  

The activity log is another feature that Eric found to be a very valuable “engagement tool”.  He explains that knowing his clients’ interactions with reports “gives [him] the opportunity to reach back out to them.”  Eric can see if clients open their reports or not and how many times they interacted with it, keeping him better informed and giving him the chance to be more connected and proactive in his relationships with his clients.  Homebot also facilitates more connection by automatically directing clients wanting to learn more back to their lender.  With personalized and empowering information, a dashboard tracking clients’ activity, and more opportunities for personal communication, Eric is able to build stronger relationships with his clients and see the business benefits.

Lead Generation

“It’s like having another employee on my team that’s out generating leads at a very, very, very minimal cost.” - Eric Kulbe

Homebot is not only for past clients, but is also used to capture new leads.  At Homebot we believe “Together is better” and we strive to help loan officers maximize their relationships with clients and real estate agents to generate leads.  Homebot helps drive referrals from both clients and real estate agents and drives repeat business from past clients.  Eric excitedly shared with us, “I got a couple of leads just walking in here today”.  By simply inputting his client data, Homebot transformed his database into a referral and repeat business machine.  

Even outside of referrals and past clients, Homebot gives loan officers like Eric a competitive edge with new leads.  Homebot cares about consumers, and mortgage professionals that use our product are demonstrating their investment in the consumer’s best interest as well.  Eric can be trusted by homeowners because he made the decision to utilize a product primarily created to help build his clients’ wealth.

Intuitive Design

“I’m not a big technology guy, but I do like things that are easy… Put in the correct information and it does the job for you”

We wanted to make Homebot a “set and forget” tool, providing maximum added value for mortgage professionals and their clients, with minimal time and effort on their part.  Once you’ve uploaded your clients’ information into your account, Homebot will use your database automatically send out custom monthly reports to each client.  As someone who identifies as not very tech-savvy, Eric was pleasantly surprised with the usability of Homebot.  Our second question for him was why should a lender use Homebot?  In response, he expressed how easy and simple it is to use.  Without a steep learning curve, new Homebot users can get started right away and begin seeing the results.  

Eric’s experience with Homebot is just one example of many within the mortgage industry that demonstrates the powerful results this dynamic financial dashboard can produce.  Check out one of our interactive webinars or request an online demo to learn more.

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