November 7, 2022

Homebot Home Search, Now Available for Real Estate Agents

It’s no secret, the rapid increase in rates is reshaping the housing market, and the way we all do business. Both buyers and sellers are taking a “wait and see” approach, readjusting their plans and expectations amongst scary headlines. But with market shifts, comes new approaches, tactics, and ultimately, innovation.

Amongst all of the change in the housing market, one fact remains - homebuyers are hungry for knowledge and advice. And the agents still generating business today, are the ones providing education and value to clients when they need it most.

What if we could change the home search process and help buyers house-hunt with a new level of financial literacy and intelligence? What if we could do all of this while keeping you connected throughout the entire home buying journey?

Home Search, Reimagined

Imagine a home search tool where real estate professionals could consistently connect, add value, and support clients in every step of their home buying journey.

Homebot is excited to announce Home Search for Real Estate Agents, the only search experience that helps clients buy smarter.

This home search experience allows buyers to make decisions with investor-grade confidence by placing personalized, financial insights on every listing. These home finance insights can help your clients and prospects understand which homes would be a smart investment, and which ones might not be based on budget and market data. With the ability to customize and assess their individual financial options, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the home search process.

And what’s more, your clients feel confident knowing they’re supported by you every step of the way. Homebot Home Search is designed to keep agents deeply connected with their clients and prospects during the buying journey. By creating natural connection points and easy ways for buyers to get in touch when they need advice, you always stay connected. 

That extends to the website we know your clients love looking at listings: Zillow. Homebot for Chrome is a Chrome browser extension that is part of the Homebot Home Search suite. Once installed, it lets your clients take the financial insights they love with them to Zillow and ensures you stay connected no matter where they’re searching.

Homebot for Chrome

Automatic Engagement and Communication 

In addition to the insights on each home in Homebot Home Search, enhanced listing notifications and monthly market reports automatically engage clients on your behalf. 

When a buyer saves a search or"favorites" a home while using Homebot Home Search, they activate a listing notification email to keep them informed of for-sale homes where they're searching. These emails arrive daily sharing home options paired with the buyer's personalized insights to make it easier than ever to decide which homes are the best fit. 

Your clients also receive monthly market report emails that recap buyer activity in a market of interest. Based on where a buyer was last house hunting, these emails are also personalized with financial insights that clients can customize to best fit their needs.

Increase Visibility So You Can Connect at the Right Time

As clients buy smarter, agents can now operate more efficiently without expending extra time or effort. With the real-time Activity Feed insights, and weekly client activity emails, you’ll be informed immediately about your clients search activity. You'll see insights like when a client starts searching,, updates their purchasing budget, and more activities that signal it's time to give them a call.

Your personal contact information will appear everywhere the buyer sees listings within the Home Search experience, with ample ways for them to raise their hand when they want to learn more about a home. This ensures  you are stay top-of-mind, as their trusted advisor, the moment they are ready to make a purchase. 

Advice Today Creates Opportunities for Tomorrow

Homebot Home Search creates more opportunities for you to connect (early, and often) with buyers and provide consistent value during the homeownership journey. Whether a buyer is looking to purchase today, or is starting their home search with the intent of buying in the future, Homebot Home Search enables you to build trust and long-term relationships with your base which  translates to new business.

Provide market insight on interest rates and listing prices, educate buyers on alternative rate programs, and provide advice the moment there is an intent to purchase 

Homebot Home Search empowers you to do right by your clients today, paving the way for endless opportunities tomorrow.  

Are You Ready to Experience Homebot Home Search for Agents?

Homebot Home Search is available for free to any real estate agents with a co-sponsored lender! To utilize Homebot Home Search, simply team up with a loan officer on Homebot. Utilize the Co-Sponsor tab to browse loan officers in your area and find one you would like to connect with, then send them an invite. Once your invite is accepted you’ll be notified, which will automatically give you access to Home Search! Learn more about how to implement and utilize Home Search here.

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