August 16, 2019

Customer Spotlight: How Planet Home Lending Uses Homebot

Planet Home Lending - Boulder, CO, a mortgage-banking firm, is known for simplifying the mortgage process to help homeowners take control of their home purchases. To improve upon that process, the local Boulder branch decided to partner with Homebot to provide their clients with the power to understand the equity in their homes.

Meet the Team

Brian Weinberg, a Kansas City native turned Coloradan, got his start in the banking industry. This first-hand knowledge of the banking system now aids him in his 8+ years in the mortgage business. With a specialty in first-time home buyers, his dedication to his clients is unwavering.  

Blue Hessner took a unique path that led him into the mortgage industry, which started with a career as a professional snowboarder. After putting away his board, he entered into the world of mortgages and has excelled for the past 13 years. This experience has delivered him into the top 10% of originators. 

Dirk Walker has been interested in finance since he was 14, which shows you his true passion for numbers. But what sets Dirk apart from other loan officers is how he considers himself as a resource for his clients. By creating a relationship built on trust, Dirk always puts his clients’ needs first. 

Todd Adelman may look young, but he has over 17 years of experience in the mortgage industry under his belt. He believes in creating a personalized experience for his clients because as a real estate investor himself, he knows what it’s like on the other side. 

Over the last year since I've been using Homebot, I've gotten at least a half dozen refinances as a result of the information being provided. More important than that, I've probably had 50 email dialogues with people, some of which I haven't spoken to in a long time" - Todd Adelman, Branch Manager and Senior Loan Consultant, Planet Home Lending

Brian, Blue, Dirk, and Todd had only praise to sing after implementing Homebot. The system has allowed these loan consultants to revive relationships with past clients and gain new business without having to cultivate brand new leads. They are strong believers in the value add provided by Homebot, which, accompanied by its aesthetically pleasing look and user friendly interface, makes the financial dashboard a necessity for their clients. 

Not only do they believe in the platform’s value for loan officers, but also for real estate agents. 

“It’s really bringing something of value to a real estate agent in terms of stickiness to their clientele and being able to grow their database. It has this viral component too,” said Dirk Walker, Branch Manager and Senior Loan Consultant, Planet Home Lending.  

Because of their positive experiences with Homebot, the managing team will ensure that every loan officer joining their team gets the platform because of the profitability it contributes to their business. 

To learn more about how Homebot can elevate your business, schedule a demo now.

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