November 24, 2020

3 Tips For Showing Your Clients You Care

Are you providing value to your clients after the transaction? What you do to forge a positive relationship can make the difference between securing repeat business and losing your clients to competitors. In today’s market, only 18% of homeowners return to their loan officer after a transaction*. Why? Because it was just that - a transaction


What does it take to go beyond the transaction and establish a lasting relationship with your clients? 


To a Mortgage Loan Originator/Broker like George Burkley, 24-year Mortgage Broker and Owner of American Mortgage and Financial Services in Goshen Indiana, creating clients for life is about showing you care. By taking the time to understand clients’ needs, prioritizing their best interests, and providing tools to help them achieve their long-term financial goals, loan officers can set themselves apart as a lifelong trusted advisor.


As George would say to quote the great Zig Ziglar, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.  Here are George’s top three tips on how to show your clients just how much you care:


Put your clients in control of their home finance

For many people, managing finances is a daunting task. Uncertainty around home finance options creates a lack of confidence and reluctance to initiate conversations, leaving it up to the loan officer to reach out and offer guidance. As loan officers, it’s easy to think this is necessary so that your clients need you. But by keeping your clients in the dark, you’re actually creating more work for yourself and less opportunity for loyalty. 


Instead, empower your clients with information. 


This can help clients understand their long-term options and feel secure in knowing you have their back. Teaching financial literacy and painting a holistic picture of your clients’ future not only builds trust but also increases their likelihood of future transactions with you as their trusted loan officer.


Think of yourself as an educator

In order to teach financial literacy, you have to think of yourself not as a salesperson or transaction specialist, but as an educator. When to refinance, how to leverage your equity - these topics, to George’s dismay, aren’t taught in schools, so most homeowners are woefully uninformed and shy away from making these decisions. 

Your job is to equip your clients with a comprehensive, personalized approach to home finance. Whether that means sitting down one-on-one or creating custom videos, investing in your clients’ education will pay off in the long run. It will establish loyalty by showing your clients that you have their best interest in mind and you will be there for them long after the initial transaction. 


Pay it back to the next generation

Buying a home and getting the right financing is a new chapter for every client. Remember your goal is to build a financial legacy for your client by improving their financial literacy. Pay it back to the next generation by putting the client’s needs and best interest ahead of your own to create a purpose-driven long term relationship. Prioritize this philosophy and your lender compensation and mortgage commission will take care of itself.  



At Homebot, our goal is to assist loan officers in making a difference in their clients' lives, and this year we've witnessed that more than ever.

In fact, in the last three months, we’ve seen more than 20,000 homeowners reach out to their LO about refi options through Homebot alone. 

Empowering you to build trusted, lifelong relationships with your clients is what drives us at Homebot. Schedule a demo to learn more. 


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