Michael Petrovich Discusses Prequalifications

February 24, 2021
Min Video

Michael Petrovich

Home Loan Consultant, Caliber Home Loans

In this video, Michael discusses prequalifications and helping his clients and prospects understand what it is and why it’s important. He engages his audience by starting at the very beginning — identifying the difference between other types of loans and a mortgage loan. He then dives into what a prequalification is, why it’s essential to start the home buying process, and what it entails. Finally, Michael encourages his clients to connect with him via phone, email, or video — making himself available and easily accessible no matter how the client prefers to communicate. 

Why we love this video

  • The tone of is conversational and informative
  • Michael positions himself as an expert with a wide breadth of knowledge borrowers can learn from 
  • The content is broad enough to be relevant and valuable to a large audience of borrowers
  • The video is candid, making it feel authentic and relatable 

Pro tip from Michael

“It is best to not re-watch the video after you make it. There are always little mistakes in every video. If you re-watch it, you will be tempted to reshoot and fix it. The second and third takes are never better. Just shoot it and get it out there.”

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