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Video Marketing Tips for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents

Video Marketing Tips for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents

Creating videos of yourself can be intimidating. You’re a mortgage or real estate professional, not a videographer. The thought of creating a perfect video can be daunting. The good news is, your videos don’t have to be perfect. In fact, a bit of imperfection can make your videos feel more authentic and relatable. That being said, poor camera positioning, lighting, or audio can draw your audience’s attention away from you and the valuable content you’re delivering. 

With these four quick tips, you can ensure every video you record is clear, engaging, and enjoyable to watch.

Tip #1: Lighting

Lighting is key! It’s what illuminates your face, allowing your audience to see you and feel connected with you. Filming a video in a dimly lit room or with poorly positioned lighting is a sure way to lose your audience’s attention. 

Step 1:
Find a well-lit space, either with natural light from windows or ample artificial light. If you feel like you’re constantly running into lighting issues, you can buy a light made for video recording at a relatively low cost (here’s an example of one on Amazon).

video marketing set up

Step 2: Position yourself so that light is coming in from behind the recording device (phone, computer, etc.) If the majority of light in the room is behind you, there will be a silhouette effect casting a shadow over your face.

video marketing background

The above videos were both recorded in the same room. The one on the left, with the light behind the subject. The one on the right, with the light behind the recording device.

Tip #2: Framing

Now that you’re all set with lighting, let’s talk about framing the shot. A well-framed shot can make your client or prospect feel like they’re sitting across from you having a conversation. On the other hand, position your camera too high or low, to close or far, and your audience can feel uncomfortable or disconnected.

Step 1: Position your device at eye level. Anywhere else, and you’ll likely end up with a low-angle or high-angle shot. Filmmakers use these types of shots to emphasize power dynamics and evoke feelings of superiority or inferiority. An eye-level shot keeps you and your audience on the same level (plus, it tends to be the most flattering).

Step 2: Check your headroom. Too much space above your head, can make you look a bit like a floating head. Too little space can cut off the top of your head. To achieve the right amount of headroom, imagine dividing your frame into thirds. Position your eyes about one-third of the way down from the top of the frame.

Tip #3: Background

Your lighting is set up, your device is positioned for success, now take a quick look behind you. Do you have an organized, visually appealing background? Is there anything moving behind you like another person, your dog, or a ceiling fan? 

Clutter and movement can distract your audience. If you can’t find a location with an attractive background, a flat background, like a plain wall is your next best option.

video marketing tips - updating your background

Quick hack: Don’t have a great background? Record your video on Zoom using a Zoom Background!

Tip #4: Audio

Now that you have an aesthetically appealing video that your clients and prospects won’t want to look away from, let’s talk about audio. Poor audio quality can cause your audience to tune you out or stop watching your video entirely. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to achieve high audio quality in your videos.

Step 1: Find a quiet space. Avoid public spaces with excessive background noise. If you’re recording outside, make sure there isn’t strong wind overpowering your voice. 

Step 2: Use an external microphone. The microphones built into your laptop or smartphone can make you sound distant or muffled. They can pick up static or create an echo effect if you’re in a large empty room. There are plenty of great options for external mics, from cost-effective options on Amazon to professional mics used for podcasting. If you don’t want to purchase a microphone, your headset or earbuds will go a long way! 

That’s a wrap

Thanks for checking out our video marketing tips. As a loan officer or real estate agent, your industry expertise is what will get your clients excited about your videos and keep them coming back for more. These quick tips are just a few tactics to help them easily digest and engage with the powerful content you’re delivering. 

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. For additional video best practices, example videos, and more, check out the Homebot Video Community!

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