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How to use Homebot to Improve your Video Marketing Strategy

If you’re a lender or a real estate agent, you know that video marketing can make a huge impact on the growth of your business. Video offers a personalized touch that your clients and prospects love. Through the use of video, you can drive awareness about your brand, generate leads, and build strong relationships with current clients, at scale. And when it comes to competing against multi-billion dollar companies with a large ad spend, having something as personal as video can give you the leg up you need to move ahead. 

The numbers don’t lie. 85% of people want to see more videos from brands in 2021.*

In response to these trends, we knew we needed to add video to the Homebot digest. And you know what? It’s pretty amazing ... 

Introducing: Homebot’s Video Manager

Video Manager combines everything your clients already know and love about Homebot and amplifies it, with timely, topic-based videos - ensuring you remain their go-to home wealth expert. The new feature weaves your customized videos throughout Homebot, so you can deliver a truly branded and differentiated experience, the moment it’s needed most.
But what’s truly remarkable about Video Manager lies within its simplistic, easy-to-use interface. We support a host of video integration tools such as YouTube, Wistia, PitchHub and BombBomb so uploading your video is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Then, with integrations like BombBomb and Video Email - you can take your video strategy a step even further. Keep your clients up to date on the latest industry trends like interest rates, changes to the housing market, when to refi, and ways to leverage equity to build wealth over time. 

Surprise, empower, and delight your client base with impactful information using video at every turn. 

homebots video manager

How it works:

Short, engaging videos can be placed in more than 15 different areas throughout Homebot, giving lenders and agents a way to advise their clients within every monthly digest.

Consider all of the questions your clients ask you regularly: Is now a good time to sell? How’s the market doing? What are rates like? These types of evergreen content fit perfectly with the Video Manager format. Create warm welcome videos and Homebot walkthroughs, highlighting how your clients can use Homebot to start building wealth through their homes. 

Once you’ve identified your key topics and reviewed your video options, just hit record, add them in using one of your favorite video tools, and Homebot will do the rest. 

We’re committed to keeping you competitive and helping you deliver on-time content that ensures your clients stay in your sphere of influence. 

Your business is dependent on the relationships you build, and with Homebot in your back pocket, you’ll remain top of mind while leaving a positive and lasting impression on them.

Sources: Wyzowl Video Survey

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