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Getting Started with Video: Advice from 4 Mortgage Industry Professionals

Getting Started with Video: Advice from 4 Mortgage Industry Professionals

The statistics don’t lie. Matter of fact, 60% of consumers would rather learn about a product or service via video. What's more, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it via video, compared to 10% when reading it via text.* 

You know you need video. So what’s the problem?

Well, getting started can be tough. What technology do you use? What do you say? What if you don’t feel comfortable on camera? These are all factors that hold people back from creating powerful video content.

Like anything else, the hardest part is always getting started. In an effort to help you feel inspired, we’ve gathered advice from four Mortgage and Real Estate professionals on getting started with video. We cover everything from scripting, getting comfortable on camera, and helpful tools to use in the process.

Ryan Miracle, Senior Loan Officer at Ruoff Home Mortgage

Why use video? “One of the biggest things video has done for my business is it allows me to connect with clients on an emotional level outside of being face-to-face.”

Scripting vs off-the-cuff? “I try to be as intentional with what I say as possible, so I have a pre-written script and I have a tool called PromptSmart that allows me to type a script and then project it onto my phone while I’m recording at the same time. This helps me decrease production time and increase the quality of the video.”

PromptSmart, iPhone

“Use video as much as you will help set you to stand out.”

Pro tip from Greg: Keep a list in your phone of frequently asked questions and use video to get a step ahead and address them.

Craig Barton, Broker/Owner at CB Loans

Why use video? “Video makes you almost like a celebrity when you’re out in public … It gives them a chance to feel like they know you as a person.”

Scripting vs off-the-cuff? “I do things off-the-cuff. A lot of times it’s the one take and I go forward with it. I may make a little boo-boo or something - I don’t really worry about it because it’s me, it’s real.”

Microphone, Logitech camera

Hope Hughes, Realtor at Colorado Home Realty

Why use video? “Video gets a higher open rate. It’s effective. We’re connecting with our clients.”

How did you get comfortable on camera? “At some point, I had to reconcile with the fact that this is who I am and this is who they see and if they’re going to meet me in person this is what they’re going to get and it might as well just be me. It might as well just be real.”

Advice: “It’s about how you can serve your clients and make that connection. Don’t make it about you, or how you look or feel on camera.”

Dan Weisinger, Realtor at North&Co Rel Estate

Why use video? “Video has an incredible response rate. It really creates another connection with your clients that they appreciate.”

Scripting vs off-the-cuff? ”Sometimes they are scripted, sometimes they are off-the-cuff. We are all self-conscious about how we look or sound on camera - it doesn’t matter.” 

Tools: iPhone  (that’s it!)

Advice: If you’re not sure what to say start with a general market update. Try to be as specific and personal as possible.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it via video, compared to 10% when reading it via text.* Insivia

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