Customer Stories
Customer Stories

Maximizing client relationships and generating a constant revenue stream with Homebot

Homebot made it easy for Rebecca Hansen and Guild Mortgage to keep in touch with previous clients, generate new business, and get referrals.

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Client retention is the lifeline to any business. You've likely heard that it takes 5 times more cash to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one. This is especially true for mortgage lending. Only 18% of customers in 2019 remained with the same lender post refinance.

The easiest and most effective way to retain past clients is to create meaningful interactions long after the first transaction. That's exactly what Rebecca Hansen of Guild Mortgage set out to do. With Homebot, Rebecca has kept in touch with her past clients, built stronger relationships, and generated a consistent flow of new referrals.

Creating Client-For-Life Relationships

Nurturing meaningful, long-term relationships with clients is powerful in more ways than one. But maintaining those relationships and staying top-of-mind can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Rebecca turned to Homebot to engage her clients long after the initial transaction.

“I love the consistency it gives me with clients. We always say we want to reach out and keep in touch, but Homebot actually allows me to do that. We love it. They love it. Frankly, it’s really addicting.” 

By utilizing Homebot, Rebecca was able to create an effective – and automated – client retention strategy easily.

Generating New Leads

Once Rebecca uploaded her database and provided all of her clients with a Homebot digest, she not only retained her current clients, she started generating new leads too.

She found that one of the best things about Homebot was its popularity with her current clients. Put simply, her clients love it so much they want to give it to their friends and family.

What’s the ROI?

Homebot has played a vital role in the strength of Rebecca’s business by allowing her to stay engaged with past clients in a meaningful way. Whether they are inquiring about refinancing, purchasing a second home, or making an investment decision, she is positioned as their go-to home finance expert. And the revenue its generated has been powerful.

If you want to make it easier to keep in touch with clients, open a dialogue with them, and get referrals,. Homebot is here for you. Contact us today, and let’s schedule your 1:1 demo.

“It’s a constant revenue stream for me. Literally, Homebot pays for my mortgage every single month.”

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.

Rebecca Hansen

Guild Mortgage

Bring Homebot to your workplace

Join thousands of Loan Officers and Agents that love using Homebot.


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