How Elevations Credit Union Empowers the Homeowner Journey with Education through Homebot

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Company Background

Company Background

Elevations Credit Union is an award-winning financial institution with over $3 billion in assets and more than 170k members, located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. At the heart of their mission is an empowered banking experience, focused on serving their members and the community. They play an active role with their members, giving back through community grants and nonprofits, and believe that education is the key to financial success.

The Challenge: Delivering Solutions at Scale

The past few years have led to significant changes in the lending space, with more and more institutions evolving their business practices to meet borrowers where they are; at home and on-the-go. The team at Elevations recognized this early on, looking for not only a way to simplify financial services virtually, but to serve their community at a distance as well. While consultations prove to be highly effective one-on-one, educating members on how they can build wealth from their equity options, at scale, remained a challenge.

Marketing tools and outreach gimmicks are a dime-a-dozen in the lending space, many of which yield negligible results and cost far more than they’re worth. For Elizabeth’s team at Elevations, a top priority when onboarding new tech is that it proves its value early on. An ideal solution is low maintenance, easy to use, and effective at helping them make their mission a reality.

“We do provide a lot of education classes and we taught a lot of homebuyer classes. We still teach homebuyer classes, but there really wasn't a tool out there for the consumer that was member-facing, that provided them the value that Homebot does.”

The Solution: Staying Connected while Creating Mutual Growth

In early 2020, Elevations turned to Homebot to help them overcome that challenge. An effective way to deliver personalized insights about each member’s home, how they can leverage their equity to improve their financial status, and even discover their future home; all done simply and effectively through a single portal.

“Members are very hesitant about possibly buying a home at this time with higher interest rates. Homebot provides them that additional information, that education that they're looking for, so they can analyze the market on their own and it empowers them to do their own research.”

Not only has Homebot aligned with their core philosophy of putting education first, it’s helped drive significant growth in app volume for their originators, reaching nearly 15% of all loans closed in the last year.

“We had one loan officer in particular that said, “Please, I don't really need to be on Homebot”. Not too long after launching Homebot, she began to watch all the other loan officers' production grow. She finally agreed about six months later to add Homebot and she's had incredible success.”

Having seen undeniable success, every single originator at Elevations is now connecting with their members through Homebot, keeping them top of mind every month, and being the first stop on their members’ way to their future home.

The Result: Mission Success & New Opportunities Ahead

Elizabeth and her team know that engagement is everything when it comes to what they send out to their database. With Homebot, they’re delighted to find members clicking into their Home Digest, checking out their equity options, viewing their market, and starting conversations; all over 50% of the time every month.

“Elevations' members are very engaged and we've been very impressed with the open rate that our members are experiencing [with Homebot]. We send out a lot of communication, a lot of marketing to our members, and it is definitely outperforming even our opening and engagement for our emails that we send.”

Members of Elevations Credit Union love receiving their Digest, a detailed report about their largest investment, their home, and with their originator featured as the point of contact when their questions need an answer. Elizabeth capitalizes on the importance of long term solutions, playing a role in each members’ homeownership journey for the foreseeable future and beyond, and Homebot is making this a regular reality for Elevations originators. For Elizabeth, Homebot is a must-have touchpoint when creating a thriving ecosystem for their members and loan officers alike.

“I would recommend Homebot to I think really any financial institution that has any kind of mortgage-related product, any home buying product. [Members] are going to come back to you because you're providing that value and it's kind of just this great circle of life.”

With all that in mind, they’re not stopping there. Starting in 2024 they’ll be expanding Homebot as an offering to members with mortgages outside of Elevations. Elizabeth shares that their goal in this is to, “bring something of value to them and really help them make an informed decision in the future about the value of their home and building their wealth.” Not only that, but her team is actively looking at building Homebot into their online banking portal. A testament to the value they’re seeing every day, a world-class way to educate members that keeps them connected with Elevations Credit Union for years to come.

"When we started launching Homebot we saw the response from the members, it was just unbelievable. I realized that was kind of a change, like we were on the precipice of some great success, but I believed in it from the beginning."

Elizabeth Million

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