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Excellent employee training programs are critical for retaining talent. In fact, 70 percent of surveyed high-retention-risk employees will leave their company to advance their careers if employee training is lacking. So for Noah Doran, training manager at MegaStar Financial Corp., adequate employee training is a must. 

Fortunately for Noah and other training managers, Homebot makes employee education easier. Even better, Homebot can boost employee retention and home loan originations.

“In terms of recruiting, Homebot is an extra piece that we can add on and say, ‘Hey, we offer this. If you come to work for us, right, you're going to get access to this technology. And here's all the great things that it does.’ So it definitely has helped us just as a value add in saying, ‘Hey, we have this technology.’”

Homebot consistently delivers the goods for essential internal and external business operations

‍Noah’s role as a training manager at MegaStar includes onboarding new employees and showing them how to operate the company’s various systems and software tools. 

For Noah and MegaStar, completing these critical tasks is even more challenging because the company uses complex proprietary software. As a result, even if they’re experienced in their field, employees need to learn entirely new systems to be effective in their roles. One would think that adding new software to the list, like Homebot, would make employee training more complex, but that’s not the case. 

“So one of my challenges is teaching people from zero how to use all the tech in a way that's effective and efficient for their day so that they can focus on originating loans. I think one of the great things about Homebot is it's very user-friendly, so that it is super easy to train the staff. It all makes sense.

Noah and his team have found Homebot to be incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, and it integrates perfectly with MegaStar’s current CRM. 

"If you want it to be kind of a set it and forget it tool, it can be. Or you can get more hands-on with it for our more tech-savvy folks. In addition, Homebot also does a good job of helping me train and offering training opportunities and materials as well, which makes it easier on me as the training manager.”

Homebot offers seamless integration with an established tech stack

‍Adding a new piece of software to a customized system runs the risk of creating more problems than the software is purported to solve. In addition, expanding an existing tech stack can create numerous hiccups with employee training and risks, alienating customers if the systems they've come to trust don’t operate smoothly.

While MegaStar’s team have found Homebot easy to use, they have also found that Homebot integrates seamlessly into the company's current custom tech stack.

“We do have mostly custom technology. So, what we recently did is an API with Homebot where Homebot is actually now sending data to our LOS and CRM system so that our team can actually go in and see if somebody is now looking to purchase or refinance. Those will show up directly now in our LOS so that you kind of get that in a one-stop shop without having to hop over to Homebot. And you can still go obviously to the site but it's integrated very well.

"So not only that with the notifications, but we do have an integration as well where closed clients are now getting uploaded automatically to Homebot with no effort on our end, which has been great as well and saved quite a bit of time.”

Rockstar customer service is the cherry on top

Noah has found the implementation process with Homebot seamless and stress-free, and ongoing success has been ensured thanks to the company’s rockstar customer service. 

“One of the biggest selling points for me on Homebot is the excellent customer service from their team to our corporate team. If we ever have an issue, we have account reps that we know we can get a hold of usually that day. They're very quick to respond and super friendly people. I’ve never worked with anyone at Homebot who wasn't just a rockstar. So I would say that their customer service, they really go above and beyond. They get the business. 

"A lot of these people have experience in real estate. And they're very proactive in terms of offering additional training to keep the technology fresh with our team and to make sure that we're doing well. So I would say really kind of the cherry on top with how I feel about Homebot is that above and beyond customer service with our team that is very impressive.”

Nurturing and engaging past clients is made easier with Homebot

‍Email marketing is one of the most reliable and effective marketing tools. But the devil is in the details. While static campaigns can yield results, customized, personalized messages are far more effective. But creating the most effective campaigns is a labor-intensive process. 

Fortunately for MegaStar Financial, Homebot delivers the personalized campaigns it needs to stay top of mind with clients and nurture their database seamlessly, yielding beyond a 70% average client open rate every month.

"It helps keep our team and our loan officer front of mind with their clients. It helps keep that relationship fresh. And it also encourages questions and conversations from those clients to our loan officers, which just helps keep them in touch and in flow and gives us a better shot at kind of helping them on their next transaction.”

“Homebot has helped our business by giving great service to clients, helped us originate more loans because it has helped us to have more repeat business, stay front of mind with our past clients, and lose less of our existing database to other companies."

Noah Doran

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