November 27, 2018

Webinar Recap: The Homebot + BombBomb Integration

Our team at Homebot recently connected with the forward-thinkers  over at BombBomb to bring you a very special webinar, “Printing Cash with Homebot and BombBomb.” You can check out the replay above, or by clicking here. If you don’t have time to watch the recap, keep reading to uncover the top five use vases producers are using to maximize this integration.

Homebot CEO Ernie Graham and BombBomb CMO Steve Pacinelli are two entrepreneurial tech-experts who both understand the expanding value and role of technology in today’s business world. Though longtime business associates, the two finally joined forces to develop Homebot + BombBomb, seamlessly tying these two platforms together to create this integration.

Right off the bat, we discussed the impact of personal communication on consumers. Indeed, it cannot be overstated. As technology continues to advance, feeling like a cog in the machine of big business has become all too common for many everyday people—consumers feel the depersonalization and loss of connection, and the content they receive is clearly pure advertising. In short, they don’t feel like they’re getting any value anymore. As a real estate professional, you understand this great importance of fostering and maintaining loyal client relationships, but it can definitely be a challenge to delegate the amount of personal attention to each of your clients that you know they deserve. The fact of the matter is that there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to keep up the kind of contact with your clients that really sets you apart from competitors. This personal attention is incredibly important to consumers, but time management is incredibly important to you. How do you satisfy both of these critical needs without spreading yourself far too thin?

Evolving With Technology

The answer to this predicament, like to many in today’s digital age, is technology. More specifically, a lead-generating, repeat-maintaining, referral-prompting wealth-management platform combined with a communication-rehumanizing, personal contact-emphasizing, time-saving recording software. Phew; that was a mouthful.

What we’re talking about is, of course, the pioneering integration of Homebot and BombBomb.

What Are These Two Platforms All About?

BombBomb is a video email-marketing platform that puts you back into your emails, re-humanizes your communication, and boosts your engagement, all the while saving you time and minimizing your effort due to its inclusion of a full sales platform and tracking insights.

Homebot is a real estate financial dashboard that provides your clients with indispensable financial insights and keeps you effortlessly top-of-mind, maximizing repeat and referral business, reducing churn, and offering lead-capture and lead-generation capabilities.

When we put these two products together, it becomes much easier to accomplish your business goals. This integration makes your goals as a lender (or as a real estate agent) that much more attainable based on two key elements: identifying key triggers and using key messaging. Those terms refer to being able to discern the patterns and behaviors of a client who will be most receptive to your contact, and using an effective medium when you do reach out.

Understanding Through Use Cases

For example, Andrew McElyea, a top producing loan officer at Guild Mortgage, has employed the Bombbomb x Homebot integration to identify key analytical triggers of contact. He uses the client list for farming.

Essentially, Andrew looks through his Homebot digest to find a user with a particularly standout amount of equity, or any other metric. Then, he uses the BombBomb recorder to take a personalized and friendly video where he can record himself, screen-record his client’s digest, and engage with his client naturally yet thoroughly. Thanks to the concise video, he doesn’t have to wonder if his client is reading through his emails—he’ll be able to see when and how often she opens his email, plays his video, and clicks on her digest.

Next up, we’re taking a look at the second use case; Micah Noyes of AmeriFirst Financial using the activity list for farming. In this use case, you’ll see an example of identifying key behavioral triggers.

Micah can tell from looking at the activity feed which of his clients are most engaged with their digest, indicating they are high priority to be contacted. He uses the BombBomb video as his key messaging medium.

Nicole Rueth, branch manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, is our third use case. She uses the integration to talk to her clients about refinancing, and provides a great example of what she says when she reaches out to her clients with regards to their financial options with their home.

If you watched Nicole’s clip, you’d have heard Steve make an excellent point about how BombBomb improves client reception to their lender. When you send someone a video, you maintain the rapport that comes with an in-person conversation, but your client has the liberty to watch the video on his or her own time. That way, you never have to feel like your messaging is intrusive, and your client can interact with the information whenever they choose. This also helps to set your client up for a phone call later on, once they’ve had time to actually process their digest and formulate any questions they’d like to ask you.

We’re up to use case number four: Generating cash flow, as demonstrated by Joel Houwer of Universal Lending Corporation.

Joel employs a great technique for capturing your viewer’s attention: he begins his recording in full-screen, and then shrinks his picture down to a bubble on the top left corner so that he can screen-record his client’s digest at the very same time.

Joel also demonstrated our fifth and final use case, buying an investment property.

Joel uses the full-screen to small bubble technique again, and Steve explains why this technique works. Because the BombBomb videos begin playing automatically, when your client sees the pattern disrupt of your full-screen video going to small bubble, it piques your client’s interest and increases your play rates. Steve also advises that once you’re done reviewing the digest and you’re ready to wrap up your video, go back to full-screen to connect with your client on that face-to-face level once again.

As you can see, alone, these platforms can do wonders to optimize your business, but together, they become something even more efficacious: they work to elevate you above your competition, offering consumers something they really want, in a way they really like to receive it. Together, they are personalization, efficiency, and innovation.

Visit and if you’re interested in this exciting fusion of technologies, and watch your repeats and referrals skyrocket, as your client relationships strengthen and grow.

Or, better yet, schedule a 1-on-1 demo right now!

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