November 25, 2019

Parties to Paychecks

Over the next few weeks, most real estate and mortgage professionals will be attending a lot of parties — from networking events to school fundraisers, dinners, cocktail parties, and gatherings with friends and family.  

Whether you’re meeting new people, connecting with past clients, or catching up with friends this holiday season, you can expect to hear a few of the same questions: How’s the market? What are interest rates right now? Are you still in the real estate business? These questions can seem tedious and repetitive, but you may be able to make them work to your advantage!

The folks asking these types of questions likely understand the potential to build wealth through real estate, but lack the guidance and resources to execute. They need your expertise! That’s where Homebot comes in.

How can you turn the inquiries you receive at holiday parties into new business?  Here are two strategies for turning parties into paychecks:

When someone asks you about rates or markets, you can provide a general answer, but they will benefit far more from specific information tailored to their unique home finance situation. And you have the power to give it to them.  Open up your Homebot personalized URL to capture their name, email, and home address. You’ll go into the new year with a new lead and they will start receiving the financial dashboard empowering millions to build wealth through homeownership.

Walk into holiday parties with a Homebot dashboard already loaded on your phone. As you mingle at the event, offer everyone the gift of Homebot! You can demonstrate the valuable insights Homebot provides and show folks how they can connect with you when they want additional information or are ready to take action. When they ask to see a dashboard for their own home, simply go to “Add New” in your Homebot account, enter their information, and send them a personalized Homebot dashboard.  

If you attend ten parties this holiday season and at each party you capture five new contacts with Homebot, you’ll go into the new year with fifty new contacts!  If just 20% of those contacts turn into clients, you’ll be helping ten new families build wealth through real estate. And, when you help people make good financial decisions around their largest investment, they are more likely to refer you to their network.

Enjoy the holiday season and make new friends while turning parties into paychecks!

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