April 16, 2024

Top 5 Mortgage Marketing Tools Financial Institution Marketers Need in Their Tech Stack

As a marketing leader at a major financial institution, your role is expected to do two primary functions— drive brand awareness and support loan officer production. Yet, achieving these goals often requires a big budget and an even bigger adoption by the loan officers you support. Sometimes it’s a reluctance to innovate, other times, it’s the complete rejection of new tech. Either way, it can make it difficult to unlock the marketing team's full potential.

Understanding the delicate balance between "nice-to-have" and "need-to-have" tools is crucial for navigating the complexities of marketing within the financial sector. In this blog, we will explore the essential tools that empower mortgage marketers to streamline their technology stack, reduce costs, and enhance lead generation activities to effectively support their loan officers.

What Are Mortgage Marketing Tools 

Let’s start with the basics. Mortgage marketing tools are specialized software solutions and digital platforms designed to help your lenders and the broader institution attract, engage, and retain clients. 

These tools streamline the marketing process, from lead generation to conversion, by automating communications, personalizing customer interactions, and managing client relationships effectively. A few common tools you might already have within your tech stack include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Lead generation and management 
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Content management and distribution
  • Social media management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Compliance tools 

Top Mortgage Marketing Tools: Driving Revenue and Engagement

Each tool in your existing tech stack is important– but with limited budgets, consolidation is key. The average Enterprise-level marketing team has over 90 tools, which is hardly ideal for a variety of reasons beyond just having a limited budget. Not to mention, there are over 13,000 marketing tools available at your fingertips. Choosing between that many tools can be intimidating for even the most experienced marketing leaders.

Research… demos… sales calls… There’s more valuable things to be doing with your time than vetting ideal MarTechs made for the mortgage industry. Luckily, we already did it so you don’t have to. 

How did we develop this list? We did it with the top priorities of mortgage marketer’s in mind. These tools are driven by revenue and can help your LO’s succeed. They make sense from a cost perspective, have a use case, easy UX and integrate with existing systems. Here’s our top picks for must-have mortgage marketing tools: 

1. Total Expert

Total Expert is a customer engagement and intelligent automation platform tailored for financial institutions. It enhances sales productivity and automates communications, crucial for marketers aiming to support their loan officers. The platform's ability to create personalized customer journeys ensures timely and relevant communications, boosting engagement and potential conversions. Additionally, it integrates data analytics for targeted marketing strategies, improves team collaboration by streamlining workflows, and maintains compliance and brand consistency across all materials. This makes Total Expert a versatile tool in a marketer's arsenal, helping to drive growth and adapt to changing market dynamics while supporting loan officers effectively.

Total Expert is best for: Total Expert is best suited for marketers at financial institutions who are focused on enhancing loan officer effectiveness, driving revenue through intelligent automation, and maintaining compliance and consistency across all marketing efforts. It is particularly valuable for those looking to leverage data-driven insights to refine customer engagement strategies and improve the overall efficiency of their marketing and sales teams.

Key features: 

  • Customer journey management: Enables the creation and automation of personalized customer journeys, ensuring that communications are timely and relevant throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Marketing automation: Automates repetitive marketing tasks like email campaigns, social media posts, and other communications, which helps in maintaining consistent engagement with clients.
  • Sales enablement: Provides tools and insights that assist loan officers and sales teams in managing relationships and closing deals more efficiently.
  • Compliance control: Includes built-in compliance checks that ensure all marketing materials meet industry standards and regulations, protecting the institution from potential liabilities.
  • Content management: Offers a centralized platform for creating, storing, and managing marketing content, ensuring brand consistency across all channels.

2. BombBomb

BombBomb is a video email marketing platform that allows your LO’s to send personalized video messages directly through email. This tool helps your lending teams make outreach personal, engaging, and effective. BombBomb enables LOs to record and embed videos into emails easily, track viewer engagement, and analyze the effectiveness of their video messaging campaigns. 

BombBomb is best for: Financial institutions looking to differentiate themselves by building personal brands for their LOs and establishing more valuable, personable customer relationships. 

Key Features: 

  • Video email: Allows your loan officers to record and send video messages directly within emails, allowing customers to put a face to their loan officer and humanize your institution. 
  • Engagement insights: Provides detailed insights into how recipients interact with the videos, including who watches them, when, and for how long, enabling better follow-up strategies.
  • Screen recording: LOs can record their screens to share presentations, explain documents, or provide visual walkthroughs, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of their messages.
  • Integration: BombBomb integrates seamlessly with popular email platforms and CRM systems, ensuring it fits easily into existing workflows.
  • Mobile app: The mortgage industry never sleeps, making this mobile app wildly convenient for your lending team. The app allows loan officers to record and send videos on-the-go, ensuring they can connect with clients anytime, anywhere.
  • Automation: Features automation tools that allow you to set up drip campaigns with video emails, saving time while maintaining consistent communication.

3. Mortgage Coach 

TrustEngine’s Mortgage Coach is a digital platform designed to enhance the mortgage decision-making process for both loan officers and their clients. It provides interactive, personalized presentations that showcase various mortgage loan options and financial scenarios. This helps borrowers understand the long-term financial impact of their mortgage choices more clearly.

The real value prop of this software is the transparency it provides your clients. The platform visually breaks down different loan comparisons over the life of the loan, allowing clients to make informed decisions based on costs, rates, and potential savings. Mortgage Coach aims to empower loan officers to provide a higher level of advice and service, turning complex mortgage data into understandable, visually engaging explanations that help clients make better financial decisions. 

Marketing Coach is best for: Marketers hoping to enhance your client's trust and confidence with their loan officers, ultimately improving client satisfaction and retention rates.

Key Features:

  • Total cost analysis: Provides detailed, interactive comparisons of different mortgage scenarios over the life of a loan. This tool helps your clients weigh different loan options and make more informed decisions. In turn, it helps enhance the credibility and value provided by your institution. 
  • Interactive reports: The platform generates dynamic, visual presentations that allow your clients to see the impact of different mortgage options. These reports can be customized and branded, helping you ensure that all client interactions are aligned with your brand identity.
  • Mobile access: Mortgage Coach is accessible on mobile devices, enabling your lending team to share insights and updates with clients on the go. 
  • Real-time updates: The platform allows for real-time updates to data within presentations, ensuring your clients always have the most current information.
  • Continued education: Mortgage Coach includes educational content that your loan officers can use to inform clients about the mortgage process. This positions your lenders as trusted advisors, further empowering clients through knowledge.

4. Homebot 

Homebot is a client engagement platform designed for loan officers and financial institutions. It helps your lending teams maintain relationships with clients by providing homeowners personalized, actionable insights into their home finance decisions. Homebot aims to transform the homeowner’s experience by empowering them to maximize their wealth through informed decisions about their most valuable asset: their home.

Homebot is best for: Institutions hoping to achieve above average client retention and engagement rates.

Key Features:

  • Optimized client database: Homebot enhances your database by identifying transaction-ready leads and nurturing ongoing relationships, ensuring that every interaction adds value and depth.
  • Consolidated toolstack synergy: By driving synergy across your existing tools, Homebot creates a seamless experience that consolidates multiple functions into a cohesive product suite.
  • Educational empowerment: The platform educates and empowers your prospects and clients with continuous updates on home value, equity build-up, and market trends, helping them make informed decisions about their most valuable asset.
  • Behavioral data insights: Homebot generates unique behavioral data by tracking how your customers engage with various types of content— from searching for new homes to exploring refinancing options and recognizing selling signals. This data powers your marketing strategy, focusing your efforts on the clients most likely to engage and enhancing your workflow.
  • Enhanced professional engagement: Utilizing monthly digests and personalized scenarios, real estate professionals can keep their clients informed and engaged, boosting retention and reinforcing their role as trusted advisors in home finance.

5. Zapier

While not a financial-industry specific tool, Zapier is ideal for connecting your tech stack. It’s a web-based automation tool that connects various online services and applications to automate repetitive tasks without the need for coding. It uses triggers and actions to create workflows known as Zaps. For example, when something happens in one app (a trigger), Zapier can instruct another app to perform a specific action (an action). This helps streamline processes and increase efficiency by automating tasks across over 3,000 supported apps, including email, CRM systems, databases, and more. 

Zapier is best for: Marketers who need to automate workflows and integrate various digital tools to streamline operations and enhance team productivity efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Automated lead distribution: Zapier connects marketers' lead generation tools to CRM systems or email platforms, automatically forwarding new leads to loan officers for timely follow-ups.
  • Task automation: Zapier automates tasks like sending welcome emails, scheduling follow-up reminders, and updating lead statuses in CRM systems, allowing loan officers to focus more on client engagement.
  • Enhanced data synchronization: Zapier synchronizes customer information across various platforms, ensuring that updates in one tool are automatically reflected in others, like CRM systems and email marketing software.
  • Real-time notifications: Zapier sends instant notifications to loan officers about new activities on high-priority accounts or specific events like receiving application forms, enabling quick responses to client needs.
  • Reporting and analytics: Zapier automates data collection from multiple sources, providing loan officers with detailed reports and analytics on lead generation, campaign performance, and customer engagement for better decision-making.

Conclusion: Modern Mortgage Marketing Tools to Help You Acquire New Buyers, While Build Lasting Relationships With Existing Ones

Financial institution marketers need tools that will allow their marketing strategy to meet with the growing needs of consumers. These tools need to not only drive brand awareness and support loan officers but also streamline processes and enhance lead generation effectively. 

Of course, lead generation and acquiring net new customers is only half the battle. Acquiring new customers can cost your institution 5-25x as much as keeping an existing customer. Having a retention strategy within your broader marketing plan is critical. 

Customer retention has been a pain point for most mortgage lenders – after all, the average person only buys a home (or refinances) a handful of times in their entire life. However, reports indicate younger generates are moving more frequently. Not to mention when interest rates go down, there will likely be a surge in refinances. This makes conditions ripe for nurturing potential and existing customers. That’s where Homebot becomes a major value add within your mortgage marketing tech stack. See it for yourself… book a demo here.

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