August 7, 2018

Turning Knowledge into Opportunity with Michelle Oddo, Nova Home Loans


“It’s the first thing I’ve ever implemented into my business that made me think, ‘Wow this is so much better than I ever even thought it could’ve been.’  And that’s pretty cool.  You don’t see that very often.”

-Michelle Oddo, Senior Loan Officer,  NOVA Home Loans

At Homebot, we occasionally have the privilege of sitting down with our customers and hearing about their experiences using our product.  Just a couple months ago, we met with Michelle Oddo to hear how business has been since introducing Homebot to her clients.  Michelle is a Senior Loan Officer at NOVA Home Loans with over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry.  We were thrilled to see a professional with such valuable experience show so much enthusiasm for Homebot.  We asked her a few questions about clients’ reactions, the results she’s seen, and the overall quality of experience she has had with this personalized financial dashboard.

Michelle first pointed out how impactful it has been for her to simply educate her clients and open their eyes to such valuable information about their homes.  She then highlighted Homebot’s features that direct her clients back to her as the professional whenever they have questions or want to take a new step toward building wealth for themselves.  She saw her relationships with her past and current clients strengthen and experienced the direct results of increased number of transactions  post-implementation of Homebot. Michelle affirmed that Homebot is an extremely productive tool where benefits have greatly outweighed the cost.

Turning Knowledge into Opportunity

“Not only are they thinking about these questions just to themselves, they’re asking them to me through Homebot, which is very nonthreatening.”

-Michelle Oddo, Senior Loan Officer,  NOVA Home Loans

The first step to maintaining and maximizing relationships with past and current clients is educating them.  Knowledge is power, and homeowners are more likely to be proactive in building their wealth and making smarter financial decisions if they are given the proper information, unique insights, and useful guidance to do so.  Loan Officers with Homebot have the opportunity to provide knowledge that interests and motivates homeowners, and as the source of that knowledge, the lender solidifies their role as the professional the homeowner will come to whenever they do in fact decide to make home finance changes.

Homeowners face a $100 billion loss in personal wealth every year due to a lack of managing the single largest asset they will ever own, their home.  With Homebot, Loan Officers can expose clients to their revenue losses resulting from letting their home be an unmanaged asset, and also give them the tools to identify revenue-building opportunities they can take to turn that around.  Not only does this service help the lender show they care about their clients, it sparks new ideas and questions for the homeowner and opens the door for conversation.  

As Michelle describes it, once a client reads their digest and wants to learn more, “they just have to click a button and ask a question”.  Homebot makes it so easy for clients to reach out to their lenders, with features that direct them straight back to their mortgage professional.  Sometimes people refrain from seeking more information because they aren’t even sure what questions to ask.  However, Homebot provides all the insights and inquiry prompts that mitigate this problem that discourages homeowners from reaching out.

The reality is, 71% of clients forget their Loan Offciers' name just 13 months post-transaction, but with Homebot that doesn’t have to be the case.  Empower your clients with knowledge, demonstrate the importance of playing an active role in managing their home finances, and prove your commitment to helping them build wealth and you will not be forgotten.  By sending clients their first personalized digest of finance analytics for their home and the closing of a deal will no longer be the end of the relationship, but the very beginning.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis

“In terms of business, absolutely productive. We get deals every month, and it far outweighs the cost...It’s ridiculous really, how much it costs versus the benefit.”

- Michelle Oddo, Senior Loan Officer,  NOVA Home Loans

When we asked Michelle if using Homebot has been enjoyable experience, she couldn’t emphasize enough how little effort and money it took to see such promising results.  Along with many other clients we have spoken with, Michelle told us about the increase in lead generation and closing of deals she has seen since implementing Homebot, all for a low-cost monthly subscription.  Since using our product, she estimated about 3 to 4 deals a month were coming from clients she never would have even thought were interested in buying. She credit Homebot as the crucial conversation starter that lead to these transactions.

Michelle admires Homebot as a tool that “under-promises and over-delivers”.  Simply input your client data and let the little robot do the rest. 

Our mission at Homebot Inc. is to help homeowners save money and build wealth with their homes by connecting Loan Officers to their clients and showcasing them as the experts in their filed. If you are curious about what Homebot could do for you and your clients, read about some of our other clients’ success stories.  Get ready for a product that works as a win-win for Loan Officers and homeowners alike.  One-on-one demos with one of our team members are also available for those ready to get started.

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