May 2, 2019

Get Even More Leads with a Homebot Form on Your Website

Homebot keeps your existing clients engaged with monthly updates on how their home is building personal wealth. Naturally, then, Homebot can also keep new leads engaged with you—their preferred loan officer and/or real estate agent. Until now, in order to set up a new lead with Homebot, the only option was to share your personal Homebot landing page “PURL.” This works wonders. However a popular request we heard from our clients was to place a lead form directly on their professional website.

Today, we’re excited to announce we have delivered on that request.

You can now embed your Homebot lead capture form directly on your website! And it doesn’t end there. The form has an instant experience of the Homebot digest, giving leads a taste of their personal home report within seconds and encouraging them to unlock even more.

While staying on your website, Homeowners can quickly see a preview of their Homebot digest and their estimated home value. Then, to unlock the full report, they simply fill out their name, email address, and the year they purchased their home. Once they do this, they will start receiving monthly updates from Homebot. And you will have recurring opportunities to engage with this new lead.

With the PURL, one complaint we received was that leads would abandon the page because they could not see anything unless they fully completed the form. Now with this embedded lead capture form, a visitor on your website gets a quick teaser by simply typing in their home address. Behind the locks, your visitors can see the full potential that Homebot has to offer, but to get it, they have to opt in all the way. Now you have an engaged, more qualified lead!

All the leads funnel back to your Homebot account

After your new lead completes the simple signup, he/she will be automatically added to both your clients list and leads tab. We’ll also notify you via email after each sign up so you can promptly follow up!

Get Started & Try it Out

We suggest using a call-to-action that boldly states “What’s Your Home Worth?”. Under that call-to-action headline, embed the Homebot widget, and then start capturing organic signups from people looking to understand their home value, rental potential or market conditions.

Log into Homebot to configure the widget to your preferences, and then copy a small snippet of code to embed in your website. Keep in mind, with this small bit of code, you may need to loop in your website developer to help out. Check out our help article to learn more.


Not quite sold? Here’s a bit more on why we think embedding the Homebot lead-capture widget is such an awesome feature:

Own Your Leads

  • Tap into the same powerful message as Zillow’s “What’s your home worth?” but get those leads on your terms, and enroll them in your monthly Homebot outreach.  These are your leads, and Homebot won’t share them or sell them to anyone else.  
  • Make the most of your paid media and social campaigns by driving them to your own website to capture the lead
  • Keep your prospect on your website after getting the lead

Create a Custom Design

  • Choose two different user experiences: “What’s Your Home Worth?” or “How much could your home rent for on Airbnb?”
  • Choose a preset headline call to action, or embed a simple form with no headline so you can create your own on your website

Quick and easy implementation

  • Select your preferred settings in Homebot Admin (Homeowner or Rental Potential; Headline/No Headline), then paste into your website CMS.
  • Customer support is ready to help if you have questions
  • In collaboration with your web developer, you can customize styling for your site

Placing a Homebot lead capture form (“widget”) directly on your website is easy. It’s built to blend in with your website branding and can even adhere to parts of your stylesheet.

So what are you waiting for? Start using this form to capture new leads from your website visitors who are looking to understand their home value, rental potential, or market conditions.  With an enticing call to action, the widget beckons for users to interact and discover their home value or rental potential.  When they sign up, all the leads will automatically be added to your Homebot account.


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