July 16, 2018

5 Social Media Best Practices for Successful Lenders

As a professional Loan Officer, you know the importance of authentic social media content and engagement as part of your marketing strategy. But are you maximizing your efforts entirely? Are you tapping into the best practices with every relevant social media platform? Today, we're highlighting five of the best social media strategies, that top Mortgage Loan Officers are leveraging.

Friendly on Facebook

Facebook is the platform that allows loan officers to be local, helpful and friendly. Use Facebook as your outlet for showcasing purchasing opportunities, promoting open houses and community events. Boost posts that are time-sensitive to build viewers exponentially. Engage with articles about home improvements and curb appeal Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. Be transparent, consistent and professional with responses. Be the friendly, neighborhood mortgage professional. Your Facebook audience may not always need you, but they will always be watching. Stay fresh and friendly and you'll be their top-of-mind lender for the day when they are ready to reach out to a mortgage professional.

Tactical on Twitter

Twitter is saturated with content. Loan Officers can find it difficult to make headway with generating leads. But, what you can do is use Twitter to conduct niche market research. Search by location and follow community posts and buyers' preferences. Use Twitter as the tactical tool in your marketing arsenal and harvest the valuable information your audience has to offer.

Influence on Instagram

The proper use of hashtags and following the right influencers can be productive for you in generating leads. Build trust and confidence with relevant posts, snapshots of new homes on the market or happy homeowners after the closing. Avoid use of general hashtags and instead drive more local and community-specific threads.

Leader on LinkedIn

Generals confer with generals. Use LinkedIn as your source to connect with other professionals and demonstrate your leadership skills. Feature your industry knowledge with posts about the market, buying trends or interest rate news. Build your professional brand with LinkedIn and use it as your networking platform.

Consistent with Content

Regardless of the platform you use, it's essential that your content conveys your brand consistently. You can adjust the tone or language across your social media marketing, but the core message should be authentic to you. Be polite and audience conscious with your content and frequency of posting. Avoid being wordy, political or overstaying your welcome. Your audience wants to hear from you, but not five times a day. Be smart with your posts and reliable with your timing. Build a reputation of posting that your audience can trust!

You're busy. You don't have time to engage social media inefficiently. The exciting news is you don't have to be everything to everyone in social media-land. Tap into these best practices to streamline your lead generating efforts or contact us and learn more today.!

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